970143 bearings

The high temperature resistant bearing can be divided into on crafts from the structure: Ordinary structure high temperature resistant bearings and high temperature resistant bearings of special structure. Apply machinery of high-temperature work such as the apparatus to the metallurgy, kiln, glass, blast furnace, lacquer extensively with high-temperature bearing. The high temperature resistant bearing of ordinary structure: Mainly mean adopting high temperature resistant material such as high temperature resistant bearing steel,etc. according to the commonly used bearing structure, bearing that design, have, transfer the intersection of heart and ball bearing, high temperature resistant dark the intersection of ditch and the intersection of ball,etc. and bearing while being high temperature resistant mainly.

The name of product: The new type of 970143 bearings: 970143 bearing uses: The high-temperature bearing is mainly applied to the aviation jet engine, atomic energy and reacted and piled, X ray is in charge of, the semi-conductive component makes the apparatus and various and melts and plates the apparatus etc.. Type: High-temperature bearing

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