7332 B bearing

The angle can bear radial load and axial load at the same time while exposed to the ball bearinging. Can work under higher rotational speed. It is the bigger to be exposed to the angle, the higher axial bearing capacity is. High precision and high-speed bearing usually fetch 15 degrees and contact the angle. Under the function of axial force, contacting the angle will increase. The angle of uniline is exposed to the axial load that the ball bearing can only bear a direction, while bearing radial load, will cause additional axial force. And can only limit the axle or outer cover in the axial displacement of a direction. If in pairs the installation of pair, make the outer lane of a pair of bearings relative, namely wide the end, in the face of the wide terminal surface, the narrow end, in the face of the narrow terminal surface. In this way, can avoid causing additional axial force, and can make the axle or outer cover confine in two directions to axial backlash range.

The name of product: The new type of 7332 B bearing: 7332 B bearing use: The main shaft of the lathe, high-frequency motor, firing steam turbine, centrifugal separator, small-scale car front wheel, differential mechanism pinion axle; Pair lists the angle and contacts the ball bearing: Oil pump, the intersection of thatch and air-blower, air compressor, all kinds of Luo spray the pump, printing machinery by gear box, fuel. Type: The angle contacts the ball bearing

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