693ZZ P5 Z4

Bright key machinery in Zhenhai, Ningbo has some company stapleses, specialize in miniature common British system bearing, miniature Fran’s bearing, miniature stainless steel bearing, the products are used in the car, office equipments, ATM machine, household electrical appliance, electric tool and various accurate electrical machineries extensively, the instrument, various micromachines, reducer, accurate apparatus of special type, tooth bore the medical equipment and sew machinery, the bearing of the agricultural machinery, Aero-Space and war industry, bright key machinery took advantage of a situation to increase to deal in the products class, including the lathe uses LV, FR, LFR, V W -shaped track roller bearing, rectifies the serial bearings of through ship, the embroidery machine uses the SG series bearing, spring-machine and stiffening rib straightening machine rectify the through ship bearing with series A, sincerity is practical, respects work and cooperates, studies innovative

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