5304K bearing

The angle can bear radial load and axial load at the same time while exposed to the ball bearinging. Can work under higher rotational speed. It is the bigger to be exposed to the angle, the higher axial bearing capacity is. High precision and high-speed bearing usually fetch 15 degrees and contact the angle. Under the function of axial force, contacting the angle will increase. Used mainly in: Main shaft of the lathe, high-frequency motor, fire the steam turbine, centrifugal separator, small-scale car front wheel, pinion axle of the differential mechanism, pressurized pump, oil drilling platform, food machinery, graduation head, mending the welder, low noise type cooling tower, electromechanical equipment, scribbling and installing the apparatus, lathe trough board, arc welder

The name of product: 5304K bearing New type: 5304K bearing use: Common Type: The angle contacts the ball bearing

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