3309AZTN1 angle contacts the ball bearing Six kinds of bearings 3309AZTN1

Sino-Kazakhstan HZB3309A-ZTN1 angle contacts the ball bearing Brief introduction of six kinds of bearings 3309A-ZTN1:

Sino-Kazakhstan HZB3309A-ZTN1 angle exposed to ball bearing six kinds of bearing 3309A-ZTN1 angles and exposed to the ball bearing to the ball bearing of heart thrust promptly, because can pack into more steel balls, the bearing capacity of its radial is greater than the ordinary ball bearing, axial load that can also be born greatly at the same time or bearing purely axial load, it is stronger that it allows working rotational speed to be similar to deep ditch ball bearing and supports rigidity, but demand to install accurately, it is very sensitive as to the thing that the axis is wrong to hit the error, it needn’t generally come to bear radial load alone, must bring and add axial load while bearing radial load. The modification variety of this kind of bearing is numerous, it is very wide to employ, often it is exposed to three kinds of series of angle with 40 degrees to make and take 15 degrees, 25 degrees, it is the bigger to be exposed to the angle, the higher its axial load ability is, but should adopt small and exposed to the angle at a high speed. Sino-Kazakhstan HZB3309A-ZTN1 angle exposed to ball bearing six kinds of bearing 3309A-ZTN1 parameters: New type: 3309A-ZTN1 internal diameter: 45 external diameters: Thickness 100: 39.7 Weight: 1.25 brands: HZB, the Sino-Kazakhstan series in Harbin: The angle contacts the ball bearing. The abundant stock of our company, the experience for many years, it is a credible bearing supplier, want to understand HZB3309A-ZTN1 angle is exposed to the relevant information of ball bearing six kinds of bearings 3309A-ZTN1 in Doha, can consult or dial the hot line telephone online, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Kazakhstan and China (HZB) The angle is exposed to the bearing and install the method
The installation that the Sino-Kazakhstan angle contacts the ball bearing is more complicated than the deep ditch ball bearing, mostly install in pairs, and need to adopt and add the load in advance. Install well, can make working precision, bearing life-span of the host computer improve greatly; Otherwise, not only the precision can not reach the requirement, the life-span also will be influenced.
The angle is exposed to the installation form of the ball bearing, arrange three kinds with the series connection back-to-backly and face-to-face.
1.Back-to-back ‘ The wide terminal surfaces of two bearings are relative) While installing, the contact angle line of the bearing is spread along turning the axis direction round, can increase its radial and axial supporting angle rigidity, resist the biggest ability out of shape;
2.The series connection is arranged ‘ The wide terminal surfaces of two bearings are in a direction) When it install,the bearing one contact horn line with to and parallel,can make two bearing not lasted loads working of directions the same. But while using this kind of installation form, in order to guarantee the axial stability installed, the bearing that two pairs of series connection arrange must be installed to putting at both ends of the axle.
3.Face-to-face ‘ The narrow terminal surfaces of two bearings are relative) Install, the intersection of contact and the intersection of horn and line of bearing, towards turn the intersection of axis and direction round, disappear, its bear angle rigidity relatively little. Because the inner circle of the bearing stretches the outer lane out, when the outer lane of two bearings compresses tightly together, the primitive interval of the outer lane is dispelled, can increase adding the load in advance of the bearing;

Sino-Kazakhstan HZB angle exposed to the application of ball bearing:

The angle of uniline contacts the ball bearing: Scribble and install the apparatus, electromechanical equipment, small-scale car front wheel, differential mechanism, food machinery, graduation head, centrifugal separator, oil drilling platform, axle of the pinion, pressurized pump, main shaft of the lathe, lathe trough board, arc welder, high-frequency motor, mending the welder, low noise type cooling tower, firing the steam turbine,

The name of product: 3309A-ZTN1 angle contacts the ball bearing Six kinds of bearings 3309A-ZTN1 New type: 3309A-ZTN1 old type: -Internal diameter: 45( mm) External diameter: 100( mm) Thickness: 39.7( mm) Weight: 1.25( kg) Use: Main shaft of the lathe, high-frequency motor, fire the steam turbine, centrifugal separator, small-scale vapour? ? Front wheel, differential mechanism pinion axle; Pair lists the angle and contacts the ball bearing: Oil pump, the intersection of thatch and air-blower, air compressor, all kinds of Luo spray the pump, printing machinery by gear box, fuel. Type: The angle contacts the ball bearing

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