32952 bearings

Taper roll sub bearing belong to bearing of separating etc., bearing inner having toper get away dish by outer lane. According to load with, roll row of son count, divide into uniline, pair list and four taper get away different structure patterns such as sub bearing the bearing. Uniline’s taper rolls the sub bearing can bear the radial load and axial load of single direction. When the bearing bears radial load, will produce an axial component force, so is balanced as needing another bearing very bearing opposite axial force to come.

The name of product: 32952 bearings New type: 32952 bearing internal diameters: 260( mm) External diameter: 360( mm) Thickness: 63.5( mm) Use: The sub bearing is usually separating type that the taper rolls, is carried and rolled the something small and hard and keeps the taper inner circle assembly of inner circle composition of a assembly being all right with the outer lane of the taper (outer lane) Install separately; The taper rolls the sub bearing is used in trades such as the car, rolling mill, mine, metallurgy, plastic machinery,etc. extensively. Type: Sub bearing of the taper roller

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