239/900KMB H39/900

FAG the intersection of drum and shape roll sub the intersection of bearing and structure and transfer heart roll sub bearing similar, only one line roll son. Great and occasion needing to compensate to China’s error that they are especially suitable for the radial load. Under the radial load with assaulting nature, the superiority of its structural intensity is very outstanding. The drum shape rolls the sub bearing can’t transmit the large axial load, and can’t separate.
The sub bearing is a uniline, sub bearing adjusting the heart to roll that FAG drum shape rolls. They take sphere roll the intersection of entity and outer lane of dish, bring, block by two and the intersection of cylinder and hole or the intersection of awl and inner circle of entity of hole, carry drum shape to keep the shelf roll the son make up. The bearing can’t be divided up.
The name of product: 239/900 – K-MB H39/900 new type: 239/900 – K-MB H39/900 type: Other

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