23156CA/W33, 23256CA/W33 transfer heart get away sub bearing

This product adopts the material steel products of outline to produce, make it up with the thick checkpost without exception, installed by professional personnel. Quality is reliable, the material benefit of the price. Extensive large-scale steel factory of this product, numerous fields such as the aviation, spaceflight, navigation, railway, metallurgy, steel, mine, electricity, machine-building, printing, electron, textile, food, chemical industry, car. If there is unattainable quality. The caveat vendor on condition that use, after-sale service telephone number 13863596222

The name of product: Supply 23156CA/W33, 23256CA/W33 new type of the sub bearing of adjusting the heart and rolling: 23156CA/W33 old type: 3053756HK internal diameter: 280.0000( mm) External diameter: 460.0000( mm) Thickness: 146.0000( mm) Weight: 102.000( kg) Use: Papermaking machinery, moderate and fit, rolling stock axletree, the intersection of rolling mill and the intersection of gearbox and the intersection of bearing and flat, the intersection of rolling mill and roller, breaker, shake sift, the intersection of printing and machinery, woodworking machinery, industry all kinds of with moderate plane, vertical to take transfer the intersection of heart and bearing Type: Adjust the sub bearing of the heart roller

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