2217K bearing SKF

SKF bearing introduced:

  1. Restriction of the size. Usually the space that SKF bearing can be installed is res.. In case of most, axle diameter (or SKF bearing internal diameter) It is according to the restriction of mechanical design or other design. So SKF bearing type and choice of the size are determined according to internal diameter of SKF bearing. Therefore, the establishment on the basis of size of internal diameter of international yardstick of main size table of the yardstick SKF bearing.

  2. Rotational speed, promise the rotational speed is according to the type of SKF bearing, size, precision, retainer type, load, lubricating method, and factors such as cooling way,etc. are fixed. Have listed promising the rotational speed under oil lubrication and grease lubrication of yardstick precision SKF bearing on SKF bearing table. Usually, ball bearing of major groove, automatic cente adjusting ball bearing and cylindrical roller bearing are all used in the high-speed occasion of operating jointly.

  3. The intersection of SKF and the intersection of bearing and public errand, the intersection of SKF and the intersection of bearing and size accuracy and it rotates precision to be according to ISO and the intersection of JIS and yardstick. For requiring the high-accuracy and high-speed machinery of operating, propose using SKF bearing of 5 grades or the above precision, the intersection of major groove and ball bearing, the intersection of thrust and bearing or cylindrical bearing, SKF of roller, SKF of ball, used in high to turn round machinery of precision jointly entad. Stiffness, body and ball track contact surface of moving in SKF bearing are pressed, will produce elastic deformation. Some machinery needs to minimize elastic deformation. The roller SKF bearing has little elasticity shape variable more than what the ball SKF bearing is produced.

  4. 4

    In some cases SKF bearing should be exerted and precompressed in order to increase stiffness. This procedure is usually used in ball SKF bearing of major groove, angular ball bearing and taper roller bearing Internal and external cycle to bias, the axle is crooked, axle or SKF bearing housing public errand changes, it all causes the eccentricity of the Internal and external cycle to cooperate with the mistakes. In order to prevent the eccentric angle from tiding over big, the automatic cente adjusting ball bearing, automatic cente adjusting roller bearing, or the cente adjusting pedestal is a better choice. Voice frequency and torsion torque, moved SKF bearing was all produced and made according to high-accuracy yardstick, so voice and torsion are small. The ball bearing of major groove, and the cylindrical roller bearing is shared to to the low voice, low torsion has occasion of the special requirement.

  5. 5

    Install and dismantle, some application often needs dismantling and installation, so as to ensure that be able to carry on detection and maintenance according to it. SKF bearing that the Internal and external cycle can be installed separately, for instance: Cylindrical bearing, needle bearing, and the taper bearing is used in this occasion very jointly. Adjusting bulbus arteriosus SKF bearing and automatic cente adjusting roller bearing under the rectifying and helping of shaft sleeve automatically of awl pass, have simplified the erection procedure too.

  6. Advantage:

    1,Under the general condition, the efficiency of skf major groove ball bearing is equivalent to liquid dynamic lubrication bearing, but a little higher than to mix the lubricated bearing; 2,The radial backlash is smaller, exposed to the bearing and can dispel the backlash to the kernel and angle with pretightening force by preloading, it is high to operate the precision; 3,As to the axle diameter with the size, the width of skf major groove ball bearing is smaller than the sliding bearing, can make the axial structure of the machine compact; 4,Most bearings can receive radial and axial load at the same time, so the bearing is made up simple in construction; 5,Consume lubricant little, easy to seal, it is apt to safeguard; 6,Do not need? ? Useful nonferrous metals; 7,The standardized intensity is high, batch fabrication, low cost;  
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