1208 bearings Adjust bearing NSK bearing Japan of heart ball and import the bearing

Transfer the intersection of heart and ball bearing, have two steel ball, inner circle have two roll dish, outer lane get away dish as inner sphere shape, have performance of adjusting the heart automatically. Can compensate because one degree of errors of co-axle that produces out of shape of bending and shell of the axle automatically, suitable for supporting the seat hole not can’t be guaranteed in the part of degree of the strict co-axling. This kind of bearing mainly bears the radial load, while bearing the radial load, can also bear the axial load of small quantity, is not usually used for bearing the purely axial load, such as bearing purely to the load, only one row steel ball receives the force.

Concrete classification and type contrast:

1,Cylinder hole transfer heart ball bearing ‘ 10000 type) ;

2,Taper hole transfer heart ball bearing ‘ 10000 K type) ;

3,Lead, make to transfer the intersection of heart and ball bearing set closely ‘ 10000 K H10000 type)

Note: Transfer the intersection of heart and ball bearing, have the intersection of cylinder and hole, taper hole ‘ 10000 K type) Two kinds, mainly bear the radial load, can bear the smaller loaded axle (outer cover) axially at the same time Confining to limit of backlash displacement,have performance of transferring on hearting automatically, while allowing, the periphery is relatively too sloping to greater than -. Condition under work normally,it is can’t last co-axle strictly in the parts of the degrees not to suitable for supporting by of hole.

3,Lead, make to transfer the intersection of heart and ball bearing set closely ‘ 10000 K H10000 type)

Note: The same this bearing is uses mainly for not having on optical axis of the shoulder, it is convenient to install and dismantle, by making backlash of one set of adjustable radials closely.

Adjust the application of heart

Papermaking machinery, semiconductor, gear device

Adjust the type of the heart ball bearing

108 bearings
2205EK bearing
1211EK bearing
126 bearings
2206EK bearing
1212EK bearing
127 bearings
2207EK bearing
1213EK bearing
129 bearings
2208EK bearing
1215EK bearing
1200E bearing
2209EK bearing
1216EK bearing
1201E bearing
2210EK bearing
1217EK bearing
1202E bearing
2211EK bearing
1218EK bearing
1203E bearing
2212EK bearing
1219EK bearing
1204E bearing
2213EK bearing
1220EK bearing
1205E bearing
2215EK bearing
1221EK bearing
1206E bearing
2216EK bearing
1222EK bearing
1207E bearing
2217K bearing
1304EK bearing
1208E bearing
2218K bearing
1305EK bearing
1209E bearing
2219K bearing
1306EK bearing
1210E bearing
2220K bearing
1307EK bearing
1211E bearing
2221K bearing
1308EK bearing
1212E bearing
2222K bearing
1309EK bearing
1213E bearing
2305K bearing
1310EK bearing
1214 bearings
2306K bearing
1311EK bearing
1215 bearings
2307EK bearing
1312EK bearing
1216 bearings
2308EK bearing
1313EK bearing
1217 bearings
2309EK bearing
1315EK bearing
1218 bearings
2310K bearing
1316EK bearing
1219 bearings
2311K bearing
1317EK bearing
1220 bearings
2312K bearing
1318EK bearing
1221 bearings
2313K bearing
1319EK bearing
1222 bearings
2315K bearing
1320EK bearing
1224 bearings
2316K bearing
1322EK bearing
1226 bearings
2317K bearing
2315 bearings
135 bearings
2318K bearing
2316 bearings
1301E bearing
2319K bearing
2317 bearings
1302E bearing
2320K bearing
2318 bearings
1303E bearing
2322K bearing
2319 bearings
1304E bearing
1204EK H204 bearing
2320 bearings
1305E bearing
1205EK H205 bearing
2321 bearings
1306E bearing
1206EK H206 bearing
2322 bearings
1307E bearing
1207EK H207 bearing
1204EK bearing
1308E bearing
1208EK H208 bearing
1205EK bearing
1309E bearing
1209EK H209 bearing
1206EK bearing
1310E bearing
1210EK H210 bearing
1207EK bearing
1311E bearing
1211EK H212 bearing
1208EK bearing
1312E bearing
1213EK H213 bearing
1209EK bearing
1313E bearing
1215K H215 bearing
1210EK bearing
1314 bearings
1216K H216 bearing
2307EK H2307 bearing
1315 bearings
1217K H217 bearing
2308EK H2308 bearing
1316 bearings
1218K H218 bearing
2309EK H2309 bearing
1317 bearings
1219K H219 bearing
2310K H2310 bearing
1318 bearings
1220K H220 bearing
2311K H2311 bearing
1319 bearings
1221K H221 bearing
2312K H2312 bearing
1320 bearings
1222K H222 bearing
2313K H2313 bearing
1321 bearings
1304EK H304 bearing
2314K H2314 bearing
1322 bearings
1305EK H305 bearing
2315K H2315 bearing
2200E bearing
1306EK H306 bearing
2316K H2316 bearing
2201E bearing
1307EK H307 bearing
2317K H2317 bearing
2202E bearing
1308EK H308 bearing
2318K H2318 bearing
2203E bearing
1309EK H309 bearing
2319K H2319 bearing
2204E bearing
1310EK H310 bearing
2320K H2320 bearing
2205E bearing
1311EK H311 bearing
2322K H2322 bearing
2206E bearing
1312EK H312 bearing

2207E bearing
1313EK H313 bearing

2208E bearing
1314EK H314 bearing

2209E bearing
1315EK H315 bearing

2210E bearing
1316K H316 bearing

2211E bearing
1317K H317 bearing

2212E bearing
1318K H318 bearing

2213E bearing
1319K H319 bearing

2214 bearings
1320K H320 bearing

2215 bearings
1321K H321 bearing

2216E bearing
1322K H322 bearing

2217 bearings
2205EK H305 bearing

2218 bearings
2206EK H306 bearing

2219 bearings
2207EK H307 bearing

2220 bearings
2208EK H308 bearing

2221 bearings
2209EK H309 bearing

2222 bearings
2210EK H310 bearing

2301 bearings
2211EK H311 bearing

2302 bearings
2212EK H312 bearing

2303 bearings
2213EK H313 bearing

2304 bearings
2214EK H314 bearing

2305 bearings
2215EK H315 bearing

2306 bearings
2216EK H316 bearing

2307E bearing
2217K H317 bearing

2308E bearing
2218K H318 bearing

2309E bearing
2219K H319 bearing

2310 bearings
2220K H320 bearing

2311 bearings
2222K H322 bearing

2312 bearings
2305K H2305 bearing

2313 bearings
2306K H2306 bearing

2314 bearings

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The name of product: Supply 1208 bearings Adjust bearing NSK bearing Japan of heart ball and import the new type of the bearing stock: 1208 old types: 1208 internal diameters: 40( mm) External diameter: 80( mm) Weight: 0.417( kg) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Common Type: Adjust the heart ball bearing

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