1180913 original packaging bearings of normal product Ball bearing of major groove

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The ball bearing of major groove is the most ordinary kind of type in antifriction bearing. The ball bearing of major groove of the basic model is by an outer lane, an inner circle, a series of steel balls and a series of retainers are constructed. The ball bearing type of major groove has two kinds of unilines and biserials, ball structure of major groove is also divided into two kinds of structure of sealing and open system, the open system refers to the bearing without containment structure, the major groove ball of the sealed is divided into and sealed and defended oil-tight dustproofly. The dustproof Sealing Cover material is rammed for the steel plate, only get up to enter the ball track of bearing to the simple prevention dust. It defends oil types to be contact-type oil seal, can valid to prevent the intersection of bearing and inner grease from overflow.

Uniline’s major groove ball bearing type coaxiality is 6, the two-bank ball bearing coaxiality of major groove is 4. It is simple in construction, easy to use, it is most general to produce, employ the most extensive kind of bearing.

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