10000rpm ultrafast electric main shaft bearing index that the tile axle group grinds independently is reached

Products 10000rpm ultrafast electric main shaft bearing of scientific research which the tile axle group company researches and develops independently, through preliminary test recently, main technical indicators such as Wen Sheng, rotational speed, shaking,etc. reached the designing requirement, equal to foreign like product level.

The bearing is the important, key basic spare part in the equipment manufacture, the ones that are praised as equipment and manufacture ” The heart ” . In recent years, at a high speed accurate heavily loaded bearing mechanical basic part become the intersection of country and ” the 12 5 ” Key industry developed. Axle engineers and technicians of group company put the tile into the research and development of the high end bearing with all strength, not merely make the break-through in 10000rpm ultrafast electric main shaft bearing is researched and developed at present, and made the new development in medical CT owner’s swivel bearing, shipping dynamic system gas turbine bearing isometry end bearing are researched and developed.

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