Study on Properties of Poly(propylene carbonate) /Poly(butylene succinate) Blends

The Poly(propylene carbonate)/poly(butylene succinate) (PPC/PBS) blends were prepared by melt blending, and the effects of addition amount of PBS on the mechanical properties, crystallization, thermal stability of the PPC/PBS blends were studied by mechanical properties testing, DSC and TG. The results show that: the tensile strength, notched impact strength and thermal stability of the PPC/PBS […]

Analysis on Chang 6 Channel System and Enrichment Laws of Oil Reservoirs in Zhidan Area

Zhidan area is one of oil and gas enrichment areas in the North Shaanxi slope zone. The study on Chang 6 reservoir found that deposition of channel sand body is the main factor affecting the reservoir. Therefore, according to Chang 6 channel system analysis and study on reservoir enrichment regularity, distribution of sand bodies was […]

Optimization of short-term operation of cascade hydropower stations using normal cloud mutation shuffled frog leaping algorithm

To improve the premature convergence problem of traditional shuffled frog leaping algorithm (SFLA), normal cloud mutation operation is used to optimize the solution of each group by the cloud model's characteristics of uncertainty with certainty, stability, and flexibility in knowledge expression, and the beat step size is adjusted for local depth search. Using this technique, […]

Study of the Sensitivity of the Dynamic Aerodynamic Characteristics of an Airfoil in a Wind Turbine with Roughness

The SST turbulent flow model was used to simulate the dynamic sinusoidal oscillation aerodynamic characteristics of S809 smooth surface airfoil. A comparison with the test data measured from the wind tunnel in Ohio State University shows that the simulation results are in good agreement with the test ones,proving that the method in question is feasible […]

Study on the Influence Rule of Different Imaging Distance to Distortion Coefficients

Based on the approach to estimate the image distortion coefficients through a set of collinear pints, the influence of the distance between the object plane and the lens plane on the image distortion coefficients is studied. Combined with the experimental result, the change rule of the distortion coefficients is explored. Then, the influence of the […]

Investigation on Emissions Characteristics of China V Compliant Natural Gas Engine

A natural gas engine compliant with China V emission standard was tested on a CVS test bench according to the ETC and WHTC test procedure to analyze the characteristics of conventional and unconventional emissions. The results show that the conventional emissions of the natural gas engine under WHTC are higher than under ETC, while the […]

Determination of the Content of TNT Explosives in A PBX

To solve the problems of a current PBX method such as the determination of TNT explosives in a long time,low efficiency,the solvent caused huge injury to operators,the use of ultrasound dissolvation was proposed to replace stirring in dissolving,ethanol was choose to replace acetone to dissolve sample. Experimental results showed that the test results achieved the […]

Quality Control Measures for Concrete Construction of Wind Turbine Foundation in Winter

Techniques for concrete construction in winter that adopted in the construction of wind turbine foundation of the LBS Wind Power Station are introduced.The quality control measures include the appropriate temperature of con-crete mixing, pouring and curing.Satisfactory result is obtained with these measures, which could be a useful technical reference for winter concrete construction in cold […]

Optimization design of joint under fatigue life

The joint is the common bearing structure in the aircraft,but it's also a common source of fatigue.The pin load on the fasteners and the bypass load on the side of hole directly affect the fatigue life.The fasteners and plate connection relationship simulated by the bush element,beam element and rbar element in the article.Established the joint […]