On the Information Construction of the Subject Itself

Explain experts, from the narrative dimension, think that the construction of the subject itself comes from the narrative process. There are certain restrictions in the process, so it needs other paths to supplement. The phenomenologist is trying to solve the problem of factuality substantiality and homoousia of the subject itself and to supplement from the […]

A Study on the Phonetic Annotation of Tongxuan Zhenjing(通玄真经) in Daozang(道藏) Edition

The phonetic annotation of Tongxuan Zhenjing(通玄真经),literally known as Authentic Scripture of Pervading Mystery,incorporated in Daozang(道藏),literally Collected Taoist Scriptures,boasts great corpus value. The Daozang(道藏) edition,the Song Dynasty edition and The Series of Tie Hua Guan(铁华馆丛书) edition,though slightly different from one another,are in fact homologous in origin. Xu Lingfu's phonetic annotation of Tongxuan Zhenjing(通玄真经) in the Tang […]

A Study of Car Advertisements from the Perspective of High-context and Low-context Communication

The cultural context is particularly important in the field of intercultural communication,and Hall's theory of high-context and low-context cultures is the most typical in the study of cross-cultural communication.Studies of high and low context cultures will help us better understand distinctive ways of communication in different situations and achieve smooth cross-cultural communication.Based on Hall’s theory […]

On the Mood Particle “Hai” in Kaiyuan Dialect

"Hai" is a modal particle with heavy regional characteristics in Kaiyuan's dialect. "Hai" is read in intonations of ??????? conveying affirmation, emphasis, complaint, uncertainty, reminding modal meanings and all that at the end of affi rmative, impetrative, and interrogative sentences. The paper summarizes the fundamental meanings of "hai" based on the classifi cation and analysis.

Practices on Secondary Mining Technology of Goaf Coal Pillars in Previous Gateway of Fully Mechanized Coal Mining Face

In order to enhance the recovery rate of coal resources, and alleviate the alternation of mining and driving, and to achieve safe and high – efficient re – mining of fully mechanized mining face. The paper detailed the technology measures of old roadway secure driving in fully mechanized mining face and the safety mining technology […]

Discussion of Turning Program of Majiatian Tailings

The stockpilings of Pangang Majiatian tailing mainly came from Midi concentrator. So far, the stockpilings exceeded 125000000 T. According to the current producing capacity of Midi concentrator, the stock will reach 180000000T in 2020. In order to improve the comprehensive recovery of mineral resources,the tailing stockpilings need to be turned and have the depth of […]

Reason Analysis and Control Measures of Break-out of PZH Steel Square/Round Billet Continuous Casting

Described the types and characteristics of Break-out Of PZHSteel square/round billet continuous casting,had found out the main cause of Sticking Break-out.By optimizing operations,develop appropriate preventive measures,effective control of the break-out of square/round billet continuous casting.

Design of Steering Laws for Parallel Mounted Variable Speed Double Gimbal Magnetically Suspended Control Moment Gyroscopes

A new steering laws for parallel mounted variable speed double gimbal magnetically suspended control moment gyroscopes(VSDGCMG)were designed in this paper.The dynamics model of VSDGCMG was established.The singular measure function was put forward.The steering laws were established through the gimbal control object function which was obtained by gimbal angular rate and flywheel rotor control object function […]

The Process Practice of Modern Oxygen Enrichment Top-Blown Lead Smelting Process and its Compatibility with Raw Ore

The oxygen enrichment top – blown lead smelting furnace has the stronger compatibility for all kinds of lead material with complex composition, which has been successfully processed various lead concentrate and the secondary slag materials since the furnace put into operation, and the industrialization is accomplished. The strong compatibility, high economy, environmental protection and social […]

Neutron Transport Study Based on Assembly Modular Ray Tracing MOC Method

it is difficulty for the MOC method based on Cell Modular Ray Tracing to deal with the irregular geometry such as the water gap between the PWR lattices. Hence, the neutron transport code NECP-Medlar based on Assembly Modular Ray Tracing is developed. CMFD method is used to accelerate the transport calculation. The numerical results of […]