Dicussion on Social Management System of Tibetan Chieftain Areas during Ming and Qing Dynasty

The paper focuses on exploring the structure of social management system in Tibetan chieftain areas in Ming and Qing dynasty, and obtained the view that a "chieftain's involving in management" and "unification of the state and the religion" was formed on the basis of tribe organizational structure by the central government in traditional political system […]

Synthesis and Properties of Phenyl-Substituted MDQ Silicon Resins

Phenyl-substituted MDQ silicon resins based on tetraethoxysilane (TEOS), hexamethyldisiloxane(MM) and dimethoxydiphenylsilane (DMDPS) were synthesized by co- hydrolysis-condensation method. The structure of silicon resins was characterized by FT-IR and 1H-NMR. The thermal stability, refractive index, molecular weight and molecular weight distribution(MWD) of the synthesized resins were also investigated by thermal gravimetric a- nalysis (TGA) , Abbe […]

Application of Euler Angles in Flight Path Simulation

When considering earth curvature effect, airplane's longitude, latitude and heading angles are changing in cruising flight condition and simulation using these parameters is complex. Euler angles are introduced to represent the position and heading information of plane and it can directly reflect flying path characteristics, thus the calculation is simple and convenient, especially while the […]

Chinese Language and Characters as the Cultural Foundation of the Chinese Nation

Chinese language and characters, a carrier of Chinese ideology and cuhure, have been inheriting the evolution of Chinese history and civilizations. After some historical stages like pictography, the Chinese characters have come to the concise form as an abstract symbol, presenting a profound historical background and the aesthetic of moderation, which is just the thinking […]

Influence of heat-treatment on structure and properties of electroless Ni-P-SiC coating on ZL102 alloy

Ni-P-SiC composite coating on the surface of ZL102 alloy was prepared by direct electroless.After heat treatment at different temperature,the structure and the morphology of the coating were analyzed by XRD,DSC and SEM,and the bonding strength,hardness,corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the coatings were tested too.The results show that the coating consists of an amorphous phase […]

Influence of Buffer on Certain Type of Remote Weapon Station Muzzle Disturbance

To reduce the continuous shooting muzzle disturbance of a certain type of remote weapon station and to improve the firing accuracy, a dynamics simulation analysis was launched. Through the three-di- mensional modeling software UG and dynamics analysis software ADAMS, the continuous shooting dynam- ics simulation was worked on the conditions of different stiffness, damping and […]

Thermodynamic analysis for inclusions control area in hot rolled tinplate steel

The carbon content is requested to be 0.01% or less, Si content 0.02% or less in the finished liquid steel to make some hot rolled sheet bar have a good deformation processing properties. The product of deoxidation in liquid steel is mainly CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 system in aluminum-killed. The low melting zones of CaO-SiO2-Al2O3 system are calculated […]

Interior Ballistic Model and Parameter Analysis of A Pneumatic Weapon

A new pneumatic weapon is introduced in the paper,and its structure are given.Then its ballistic mathematical model is established carrying out its numerical calculation. According to the results of numerical calculation,the influence of launch parameters is analyzed,such as,the ratio of the cross-sectional area between the larger gas chamber and the smaller gas chamber,the initial length […]