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Which questions should pay attention to to use the guide rail of straight line

31st March 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The guide rail of the straight line is the high quality, easy to use and designing the safe products. In order to guarantee to use Safety more Ground, please pay attention to the following items.

1,When adopting the oil lubrication, according to the installation state of the slide block, the oil can’t reach the orbit sometimes. If meeting this kind of situation, please consult with NSK.
2,Have already coated with the rust-preventive oil on the products if delivering goods, please polish the rust-preventive oil clean first before using, then capsulate the lubricating oil, use.

Attentive matters used
3,Please use marginal to presume until 80 degree following temperature ‘ Besides products of the heat-resisting specification . Exceed this temperature, the plastic end cap may be damaged.
4,The slide block is in while hanging the state instead ‘ For example fix when the slide block is used downward on the ceiling ,If in case the end cap is damaged, the ball will roll out, cause the slide block to loss from the guide rail. As to this kind of use, please take and add extra corresponding measures such as safety devices,etc. in advance.
5,While using, please try hard to avoid the entry of the dust or foreign matter.
6,Please totally remove the burr and sticking up in the cut surface clean after cutting off when the customer cuts off the guide rail by oneself.

If the placed state of guide rail is bad, will cause the guide rail to deform. While keeping, should put it on the appropriate level, keep competence put.

7,Only need the guide rail of slope sometimes, the slide block will move, so should notice at this moment that don’t make the slide block fall off guide rail.
8,The standard end cap is made of plastics. If beat or collide, will make it damage, so notice hard.
9,Compatibility products Namely guide rail with slide block can arbitrary product that match Slide block by mounting temporarily been with axile for form offer. For this reason, while combining with guide rail, please look out.
10,If dismantle every placement without authorization, will cause the entry of the dust or enable the decline of the precision of every bit combination, for this reason, if not a situation out of absolute necessity, please don’t dismantle easily.

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