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What items should be paid attention to while choosing the bearing of agricultural machinery

30th January 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The bearing is various mechanical rotation axis or supporting one that can move the position, are used in agricultural machinery such as agricultural car, tractor, diesel engine, motor, thrasher extensively. Choose the daily bearing code of the bearing, but the bearing code is more miscellaneous, if agricultural machinery hands know that discern the law of the bearing code, it is easy to choose.

General daily bearings are all some standard types, the code is ” 0 ” ,The grade of public errand is ” G ” ordinary grade ,The first Section of the general bearing needn’t be written, so the code is represented with 7-figure number of the basic code more. Illustrate the meaning of the bearing code with examples now: The example 7002136 the main bearing of 135 serial diesel engine axles ,Its basic code, from right left in order to discern. ” 36″ Light in two -figure number shows, its computing technology is 36* 5 =180 millimetres; ” 1″ Show the diameter series are specially light; ” 2″ Show and roll the sub bearing for the cylinder in type; ” 00″ Show bearing structure formal an outer lane has not been blocked; ” 7″ Show the width series are narrow. If machine hand, all right this of choosing other standard bearing codes of 7 -figure number,s analogize.

Choose the bearing and consult more bearing internal diameters, the bearing internal diameter expresses in the basic code with right end first, second -figure number. The bearing internal diameter is divided into the standard and non-standard internal diameter, it distinguishes non-standard internal diameter is not the whole multiple of integer or 5. Choose for helping machine hands, illustrate with examples now:

The bearing internal diameter expresses in under 9 millimetres with the first -figure number actual size of right end. Such as bearing number 18, its internal diameter is 8 millimetres.

The bearing internal diameter is indicated by fixed number in 10- 17 millimetres. Such as the number 100, 201, 302, 403 of the bearing, its code of internal diameter is that -figure number of right end two is 00, 01, 02, 03 respectively, its internal diameter expresses for the fixed figure of 10, 12, 15, 17 millimetres respectively. The bearing internal diameter is in 20- 480 millimetres except 22, 28, 32 ,Less than the intersection of foot-path and size except that 5 income count, say.

Bearing internal diameters are more than 500 millimetres 22, 28, 32 Indicated by mark, the denominator expresses the internal diameter, the molecule shows size series, type and structural form of the bearing. Such as bearing No. 30031/560, its internal diameter is 560 millimetres, others so as to analogize.

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