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What if thunder is covered with the bearing wear of the mill

31st March 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The thunder is covered with the serious problem of bearing wear of the mill:

First, installation is improper account for 16%

1,Use brute force at the time of installation, beating the bearing directly will injure maximum to the bearing with the hammer; Cause the major cause out of shape.

2,Installation is uncomplete, install the deflection or not put into the location of bearing, has caused the backlash of the bearing to be too little. The Internal and external cycle is not at rotating the central authorities in unison, cause the small-scale ball mill of different hearts.

Propose: Choose the appropriate or specialized bearing installation kit, finish installing and measure with the specialized instrument.

Second, it is bad to lubricate account for 50%

According to the investigation, it causes the one of the spoiled major causes too early of the bearing gangue disintegratoor to lubricate badly. The major cause includes: Have not annotated the lubricant or lubricating oil in time; The lubricant or lubricating oil has not been annotated in place; Lubricant or lubricating oil lectotype is improper; The lubricating method is inaccurate,etc..

Propose: Choose the accurate lubricant or lubricating oil, use the accurate lubrication to annotate the ball mill manufacturer of the way.

Third, pollute account for 14%

Pollution will cause the bearing to be damaged too early too, pollution means that there are dust and sand, metal fillings,etc. that are entered within the bearing. The major cause includes: Turn on the packaging of bearing too early before using, cause pollution; The work environment is unclean while installing, cause pollution; The work environment of the bearing is unclean, such striking back crushers as the job medium is polluted.

Propose: You had better not disassemble the packaging of the bearing before inuse; Keep installing the cleaning of the environment at the time of installation, wash the bearing to be used; Strengthen the gland of the bearing.

Fourth, weariness account for 34%

It is a common damaged way spiral sand washer of a bearing that weariness is destroyed. The common disruptive reason of weariness may be: The long-term overload of the bearing runs; Not maintenance in time; It is improper to maintain; The apparatus wears out etc..

Propose: Choose the appropriate bearing type, change the tired out bearing crusher price in time on schedule.

The above is that most common several kinds cause early spoiled reason of the bearing; Lead to the fact early spoiled reasons of the bearing are in many aspects, the above mainly considers the reason, it may be a comprehensive reason sometimes. If the bearing lectotype is accurate, installation way is put in place accurately, lubricating method and lubricant are chosen accurately, bearing to can it works to be often ceramic ball mill of time very normally.

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