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Waukesha Bearings Company purchases Greenwich KMC Company and Houston

29th August 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

report in November 26, 2010

A person in charge of Waukesha Bearings Company talks about and purchases KMC Company and Bearings Plus Company and wears for Waukesha Bearings Company The factory where fertile base and Ann carry the brother offers the new work position.

Waukesha Bearings Company lies in and wears the fertile base, the company has claimed to already purchase KMC Company and Bearings Plus Company this week, KMC Company and Bearings Plus Company are engaged in the designs of bearing of the oil film and seal, analyzes and produces.

The location of KMC Company is in R.I. West Greenwich, Bearings Plus Company lies in Houston. The financial item on purchasing has not been announced yet.

The marketing expert Jessica Whalen of Waukesha Bearings Company writes in an E-mail, ” After finishing the purchase of KMC Company and Bearings Plus Company, will be concrete how many new work positions will be increased not sure. But with the constant growth of company’s global business, we expect to wear fertile base and Ann and can create more employment opportunities to mention the brother. ” Waukesha Bearings Company Ann in the north have a factory to withdraw the brother in the intersection of Wisconsin and state.

Jessica Whalen still writes in the mail, ” Company staff of state have 160 probably in Wisconsin at present, purchase behind the KMC/BPI, company global staff up to 600 more than people. ” Waukesha Bearings Company attaches to Dover Company, it is a part of the fluid management department of Dover Company at the same time.

Waukesha Bearings Company mentions in announcing the statement that purchases, ” After purchasing KMC Company and Bearings Plus Company, will further improve Waukesha in petroleum, the leading bearing solutions of market of natural gas and large-scale power generating application. KMC and Bearings Plus are famous brands, offer innovative products and high-quality customer service. ” The manufacturing of Waukesha Bearings Company is used in the petroleum, natural gas, generate electricity, vessel and industrial field rotate the fluid power bearing in the apparatus, magnetic suspension bearing and sealed products. These products that the company produces are applied to natural gas, vapour turbine and water conservancy turbine extensively, in centrifugal gas compressor, the gearbox, pump and motor,etc..

Waukesha Bearings Company established in 1946, attached to Dover Company since 1977. Waukesha Bearings Company is by Waukesha Bearings, Waukesha Magnetic Bearings and Inpro/Seal make up. In U.S.A. at present, Britain, Mexico, Russia, India and Japan have factories.

Dover Company lies in the suburb of Chicago, it is a global assembly and manufacturer of the apparatus, it is the industrial products at the same time, project system, the fluid is managed, fields such as electronic technology,etc. offer professional system and support service.

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