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Vic transmits now in Germany ZWICKER 16002TBH bearing Tianjin

26th September 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

ZWICKER 16002TBH bearing

ZWICKER16002TBH major groove ball bearing measurement is: Internal diameter: 15mm, external diameter: 32mm, thickness: 8mm, the type: The ball bearing of major groove, the terminal rotational speed of the oil lubrication: 31 rpms, lipoprotein lubricates the terminal rotational speed: 27.5 rpms, weight: 25.7 grams.

Vic sells now in this product Tianjin, our company guarantees ZWICKER 16002TBH major groove ball bearing products sold are ZWICKER original packaging normal products, fine ten false. Buy the consultation hot line: 022-58655876,13821920480,Contact: Mr. ZWICKER Zhai is 16002TBH relevant products ZWICKER 6002TBH bearing ZWICKER 6202 bearing ZWICKER 6302TBH bearings ZWICKER LR6202/40 Bearing ZWICKER 61802 bearing ZWICKER 16002 bearing ZWICKER 62802 bearing ZWICKER 63802 bearing ZWICKER 61902TBH bearing ZWICKER 6002 Bearing

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