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U.S.A. MCGILL bearing MCYRR25S U.S.A. MCGILL bearing MCYRR25S

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U.S.A. MCGILL bearing MCYRR25S
Old type
Internal diameter
25( mm)
External diameter
52( mm)
25( mm)
1( kg)
Keep shelf and material
F1 carbon steel
Application characteristic
High temperature
It lists to roll the body and count
Way of rolling type
Way of rolling of the straight line
Sample or stock
Bearing material
High-temperature bearing steel
Roll body type
Roller needle
15 degrees
Sealed lid
It is sealed that two-sided
Roll the body
Steel ball
Needle bearing
Operation principle

The phosphorus auspicious precise electromechanics of Qingdao of gyro wheel bearing of U.S.A. MCGILL bearing MCYRR25S surface supplies from stock 0532-83735255

Phosphorus bearing size of gyro wheel of U.S.A. MCGILL bearing MCYRR25S surface | Bearing specification parameter | The bearing is offered

Internal diameter: 25mm
External diameter: 52mm
Width: 25mm
Type: U.S.A. MCGILL bearing MCYRR25S surface phosphorus gyro wheel bearing

Type: U.S.A. MCGILL bearing MCYRR25S surface phosphorus gyro wheel bearing


The remarks: U.S.A. MCGILL bearing MCYRR25S surface phosphorus gyro wheel bearing

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