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Troubles and diagnostic methods of the rolling bearing of the locomotive

28th February 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

A foreword

The bearing as the main part of the locomotive, especially draw the electrical machinery, axle case bearing, function its play a very important role in transporting safely, run at the online locomotive, once the bearing breaks down, will cause the permutation train not to be be operated, will stop up the straight line of transportation, especially the passenger train breaks down, the negative effect caused is bigger, at the same time once the bearing of the locomotive breaks down, it is very difficult to the emergent repairment of the locomotive, so prevent and reduce the emergence of the bearing trouble of the locomotive, seem very important as to the transporting safely of the locomotive, whether can measure the bearing of the hidden danger out of order out before loading in the bearing, guarantee it is focal points that this text is described that the qualified bearing fittings get on the bus.

The troubles of 2 bearings

The serious damage of the bearing was not often caused by single reason, but under several respect comprehensive functions, produce the vicious circle under the abominable operation condition, cause the burning and decreasing seriously of the bearing, so after the accident happen, often it is very difficult to judge which kind of due to reason it is, just make the relevant measure and bring certain difficulty for us, it is convenient in order to discuss, analyze the reason why the bearing breaks down from several respects first.

Abnormal abrasion of 2.1 bearings

There are after the bearing is used for some time on 2.1.1,bearing inner circle, last body, keep by shelf, outer lane, roll there aren’t line,etc., the ones that cause the bearing are lubricated and bad, cause generating heat of the bearing, generating heat for a long time, will cause: 1Dilution of the lubricating oil of bearing. 2The ones that accelerated the material are tired, hardness decline. Because of the above, and further form the vicious circle, it is overheated and making the bearing burn and decrease to accelerate. Serious bearing inner circle displacement, it is out of circularity to roll the body, offend and born hotly, weld together finally. So while running on the line, if finding the bearing generates heat, smokes seriously, don’t park, but should keep running to the front station, because the overheated bearing is in melting state at this moment, once parking and cooling can’t walk, stop up the straight line.

It is very important to maintain giving oil of bearing of the locomotive on 2.1.2, especially can guarantee to cheer for appropriate amount of bearing one the bearing has good lubricated function, it is very apt to cause the bearing trouble to lack the oil and refuel too much, it is little and apt to cause the bearing to lubricate badly and generating heat that the oil is added, it is more easy to cause to stir to add overheatedly, so it is appropriate to give oil in maintenance, the cleaning of the lubricated oil of the bearing is very important too at the same time, once fall into other impurity and moisture in the oil, all will influence normal backlash and set up necessary oil film.

The duration of the bearing is too long on 2.1.3, exceeds the service life of the bearing but apt to cause fatigue of the material, in addition, and strong the intersection of impact and function enable the intersection of material and the intersection of qualitative change and shape, make, roll son, roll dishes of surface produce, strip, grind block, thus cause and lubricate badly and shake and strengthen.

2.2 installs the impact on bearing

The bearing inner circle of 2.2.1 crosses the full ofing amount and does not accord with with the cooperation interval of the axle, it is very apt to cause the bearing trouble too, it is great, very apt to cause the inner circle of bearing to burst apart to cross the full ofing amount because of too big tensile stress, it is too small to cross the full ofing amount, it is very apt to cause the inner circle of bearing to ” relax ” too .

Assemble and cooperate with the backlash to cooperate with improperly with bearing on 2.2.2, it is apt to cause the bearing trouble too, the backlash is little and very apt to cause rolling to the son and roll one rub and generate heat, with the constant rising of the temperature, inner circle of bearing, rolling the body, keeping the temperature that the shelf, outer lane, end overlay different, the temperature difference exists each other, therefore expansion is slightly different, just cause and cooperate with the further reduction of the interval, plus according to growing heat of the bearing. The interval is too big, roll the son’s vibration is strengthened, aggravate and roll the son and impact of one of rolling, apt to cause the internal load maldistribution at the same time, bear the weight of and roll the son reduces, sub load is too big that the central authorities roll.

Assemble bearing, according to technological requirement, strike bearing with “painted-face” character in opera, lead to the fact, keep the shelf out of shape 2.2.3, draw and enclose and install incorrect or other reasons inside and outside the bearing of the electrical machinery and make the horizontal momentum axially disappear, cause and crowd in the axle of the bearing very much.

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