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Trouble shooting in koyo bearing is installed and operated correctly

28th February 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

1.Check and turn off size and finish machining situation that connect with the part

2.Wash bearing and bearing to turn off and connect with the part


4.Install the inspection after the good bearing

5.Supply lubricant

Hope to turn on the packaging of bearing just now before installing soon. General lubricating grease is lubricated, does not wash, pack lubricating grease directly. Lubricating oil lubricate, either needn’t wash while being ordinary, but instrument wait with high speed with the bearing, clean with the clean oil, remove the rust inhibitor scribbling on the bearing. Remove the bearing of rust inhibitor, apt to get rusty, so can’t put and ignore. Moreover, have already enclosed the bearing of lubricating grease, does not wash and use directly.

Bearing installation method, vary with bearing structure, cooperating, condition, generally, because rotate for the axle more, the inner circle needs full of cooperatinging. Cylinder hole bearing, the multi-purpose press is pressed, or the multi-purpose heat holds the method. The occasion of the hole of the awl, install on the conical degree axle directly, or install with the collet.

While installing to the outer cover, the general backlash cooperates more, the outer lane has had full ofing amount, usually press with the press, or have installation fit method of contracting of cold after cooling. Make with dry ice coolant is cold to contract occasion installed to cooperate, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the bearing. So, need the appropriate measure of antirusting.

Two: The trouble shooting while operating:

1,Vibration of the bearing

Shake koyo bearing more getting more sensitive verily,it for example peel off, compression, corrosion, crackle, abrading,etc. can shake in measuring reflecting at bearing, so, through adopting the special bearing to shake the measurer frequency analysor,etc. Can measure the vibrant size, can’t infer to assign to through the frequency that the unusual detailed conditions happen. Number values measured are different because the service condition or sensor erection site of the bearing is waited for, so need to analyze to the measurement value of each machine that compare, confirm that judge the standard in advance.

2,Temperature of the bearing

The temperature of koyo bearing, generally having the temperature outside bearing rooms can be inferred, if enable oil hole to measure the temperature of outer lane of the bearing directly, suitable in the location. Usually, the temperature of the bearing is with operating beginning to rise slowly, reach the steady state 1-2 hours later. The normal temperature of the bearing is because of the heat capacity of the machine, distribute heat, rotational speed and supporting differently. If lubricate, install one is suitable, then the bearing is warm will all be urgent to rise suddenly, the high temperature that will become abnormal, necessary breakdown, take the essential precautionary measures at this moment. According to testing the data, the average of the temperature of the outer lane when the bearing work after the table has listed by 4-1 in various machinery in a large amount, for your guidance. Because the temperature is influenced by lubricating, rotational speed, load, environment, the value only shows the roughly temperature range in the table. Use hot sense device can monitor working temperature of bearing at any time, realize the intersection of temperature and autoalarm family exceed the regulation value, or stop preventing firing the axle accident and happening.

3,The rolling sound of the bearing

Adopt and examine one sound of devices to check size and tone quality of rolling of bearing in operation, even the bearing has slight stripping etc. to damage, will pronounce unusual sound and irregular sound, by can be distinguished to examine one sound of devicesing.

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