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Thrust (position) Bearing method of erection

28th February 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The thrust bearing has ball bearings of four adjacent angles, biserials uniline Angle adjacent angle ball bearing, two-way thrust taper and cylindrical roller bearing, our company has also developed and braked the bearing of the roll to the strength bearing recently.

Ball bearing of adjacent angle, pair are single at four o’clock While listing the angle and contacting the ball bearing and is used as the thrust bearing, are forbidden to be bearing load radially, so the hole is correspondent to the placement of assembling these bearings in the pedestal, its diameter must be greater and about 0.5 millimetres than the bearing external diameter. Or the roller is smaller than the bearing internal diameter about 0.5 millimetres directly.

As to four the intersection of point contact and ball bearing, make sure not, enclose interconversion the same separation of type when the installation, in order to prevent changing the axial backlash while dispatching from the factory.

Two-way thrust taper roller or septal circle of the cylindrical roller bearing of two-way thrust, the same bearing of type make sure not interconversion, in order to prevent changing the axial backlash while dispatching from the factory.

Must be cramped at the time of the end installation of the inner circle of thrust bearing, and will lock axially. In order to prevent it from relatively rotating on the journal, cause the journal to cooperate with Taxi abrasion, burn.

Position axially through two bearing housings while braking the axial force bearing of the roll to use, and adjust the axial backlash. While installing the bearing housing, should guarantee this bearing Internal and external cycle and Internal and external cycle of the main bearing are stuck closely. As the fixed both sides bearing housing in the framework axially, should pay attention to dispelling axial looseness toward shaft end of bearing housing that will be produced while introduced to the framework into the bearing housing of both sides.

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