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Thomson Company supplies 400 serial linear guides

29th August 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Thomson Company promotes 400 serial linear side guides recently. This serial guides are to convey an accurate, reliable a kind of high-efficient solution complied with and moved to automatic application linearly. 400 series of products have length of four meters, the size increases progressively with size of 5 millimetres from 15 millimetre to 45 millimetre, used in extended sewing guides to convey, even the size employs smaller. The permutation of the two-sided ball orbit bearing is suitable to simplify installation, make all loaded ability of the direction equal. Series 400 are still used in the standard ball that the same guide is designed to isolate and enclose.

” To have automatic application of demand for control convey high value and take exercises linearly directly 400 series. These linear guides can run smoothly, accurately, quietly; Especially to application sensitive to sound, choose the ball to isolate and enclose to further increase smoothly and reducing the mechanical noise. ” The production line manager Tom Dwyer gentleman says, ” There are series 400, the guide of a kind of type can be installed in using the standard to isolate the circle and application that is isolated and enclosed of ball. This simplifies mechanical supplies list and reduces the spare part stock demand. ”

The loaded ability of amount of 400 serial linear side guides is from 9800N to 129500N. Its polymer ball reflux tube can reduce the noise while keeping lubricating oil. The ball isolates the ball lubricating oil enclosed including single and stores the oil groove, to improve smoothness of running and life-span of running, and the traditional segregation is enclosed and compared, even in the high-speed situation of running, can reduce the noises of 30%.

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