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The vortex measures the application in the bearing spare part detects a flaw

30th September 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Ningbo detecting instrument Co., Ltd.

Summary: Expound the fact vortex detection technique get away son in bearing while being brief, advantage and their the intersection of Model WT-602 and the intersection of bearing and the intersection of vortex and the intersection of flaw detection and the intersection of plane and application until the intersection of bearing and spare part measure in the intersection of bearing and sets of circle detect a flaw automatically.

Keyword: The vortex is measured; Roller son of the bearing; One set of circles of bearing; Vortex flaw detection machine of the Model WT-602

The bearing rolled the son generally seldom detects a flaw in the past, and the bearing was enclosed the just magnetic powder surveyed sample, but in the reality manufacturing process, the intersection of bearing and part bearing get away son, one set of circles of bearing Because the intersection of material and inherent crackle, fold, scratch, mixed with, oxidize skin and corrosion and heat treatment rub the intersection of person who process and factor will produce the crackle, hole, some,etc. defects of sand, this accelerates damaged condition of the bearing, shorten service life. So check some,etc. defects of crackle, sand and control the important links of product quality already in process of production. The development of modern computer technology, electronic technology and vortex detection technique can realize low-cost, high sensitivity, full-automatic inspection method. The vortex has already to measure become inevitable to replace the artificial naked eye to measure. In the manufacturing of bearing abroad, to the flaw detection of the bearing spare part, it is the first-selection that the vortex is measured; Because the vortex measures fast, needn’t have other coupling pharmaceutical

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