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The top graceful 3000th bearing automatic lathe of Scien-tech garden rolls off the production line

31st March 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

March 17, spring returns to the good earth, wind and beautiful day, Zhejiang top graceful accurate Industrial Co., Ltd. holds the top ceremoniously gracefully in the new factory of the industrial park of Xinchang the first stage of project completion and 3000th bearing automatic lathe of Scien-tech garden roll off the production line Celebration activity. Chinese bearing general secretary of electronec industries association Wang QuanQing, the bearing chief of research institute Wu ZongYan in Luoyang, Xinchang secretary of county Party committee warm praying for child-bearing flat, the intersection of chairman of CPPCC and GuoAn, Yu, Vice County Magistrate Yan Gang Ke, Vice County Magistrate of member of the standing committee, Luo by the intersection of National People’s Congress and director, director of Xinchang industrial park Wang ZhongLin, the customer, on behalf of revitalizing Hu XianGen, Chairman

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