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The tile axle related advanced bearing of national great equipment reaches the international advanced water

30th June 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The technique center of axle group of tile accelerates the research and development of products of the new and high technology, it is national great equipment related advanced bearing products to succeed in developing large quantities ofly again recently, have filled in the Chinese blank: 5 megawatts of air blowers turn into bearings of oars and produce smoothly, has already mailed to user’s installation; Finish the research and development of main bearing and hobbing cutter bearing,etc. of the shield constructing machine, and beginning installation is tested; Succeed in developing and having SDB bearing which adjusts disposition and bigger axial displacement, reach the world-lead level; Large-scale to make up, seal accurate to carry, line with the bearing, research and develop, succeed in, confirm through users’ use; The air compressor bearing of spiral shell’s pole is realized and supplied in batches, every technological index of performance reaches the advanced stage of the international like product.

Technique center, accurate the intersection of transmission and the intersection of bearing and Company, super-huge accurate the intersection of bearing and Branch, accurate the intersection of rotary table and bearing Company’s relevant engineers and technicians carry on the communication, exchange of technology with users many times, understand shield constructing machine uses operating mode, operating position of the related bearing and shield constructing machine bearing quantity used,etc., research and develop the serial related bearings of the shield constructing machine. At present, have already succeeded in developing and producing the main bearing of the shield constructing machine, has mailed to user’s installation and tested; Finish 2 kinds of specification shield constructing machine hobbing cutter bearings to research and develop, mail to user’s installation; Develop 7 kinds of type shield constructing machine conveyers and use and adjust the center bearing, use in user’s installation.

SDB bearing is a kind of new type, new serial bearings, adjust disposition and great axial displacement function at the same time, represent the world-lead level. This bearing is applied to the steel continuous casting and tandem rolling sector section extensively, papermaking machinery, fabrics machine, car gearbox, steamer propeller, large-scale breaker, spiral compressor and large-scale electrical machinery,etc.. Tackled key problems many times by unit’s engineers and technicians such as the technique center, accurate transmission bearing company,etc., SDB bearing already been succeeded in producing, is used for the casting machine sector section in succession.

Roll the large-scale association with related production line to seal accurately and carry and line with the bearing in succession five times for large-scale cold-rolled sheet metal enterprises, have already confirmed through users’ use now, and make users’ approval. Recently, users research and develop the task of the related bearing of other several cold-rolled lines to give to the tile axle.

Test and contrast with foreign products and test through user’s installation over one year, advanced stage that the spiral shell pole air compressor that the tile axle researches and develops reaches the international like product with bearing every technical indicator, users begin to order in batches, the follow-up new assortment bearing is in course of researching and developing.

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