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The secret service bearing bearing 60022RZ offers the size parameter

10th December 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

The deep ditch ball bearing is used mainly for bearing the pure radial load, can also bear radial load and axial load at the same time. When it only bears the pure radial load, contact the angle as zero. When the deep ditch ball bearing has backlash of greater radial, have performance that angles are exposed to the bearing, can bear larger axial load.

Horn exposed to steel ball of ball bearing with enclose line ordered to keep in touch at an angle to radial while being internal and external. Exposed to the angle being generally divided into 15, 30 degrees of, 40 degrees, is indicated by letter C, A, B separately, NSK especially produces and exposed to the angle as 25 degrees of this kind of bearings, is indicated by A5. Horn exposed to ball bearing bear large unidirectional axial load mainly, keep in touch view to be loud, it is the greater to bear load ability.

1,The two are not good to be quantitative to compare, there are three kinds of and the angle contacts ball bearings;

2,If there is certain axial force while using, must contact the ball bearing with the angle, this is a principle;

3,The deep ditch ball bearing using priciple can not rely on bearing greater axial force, otherwise will influence service life.

6002-2RZ deep ditch ball bearing parameter, specification, 6002-2RZ (15*32*9mm)

Bearing type: Deep ditch ball bearing

Our country’s new type: 6002-2RZ

Our country’s old type: 180102K

Internal diameter (mm) : 15mm ( 0.5906in)

External diameter (mm) : 32mm ( 1.2598in)

Width (mm) : 9mm ( 0.3543in)

Weight (KG) : 0.030

Basic specified dead load (kN) : 2.85 (290.82KG)

Basic amount moves load (kN) : 5.58 (569.39KG)

Lubricated rotational speed (r/min) of the lipoprotein : 19000

Lubricated rotational speed (r/min) of oil : 24000

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The name of product: The secret service bearing bearing 6002-2RZ offers the size parameter New type: 6002-2RZ old type: 180102K internal diameter: 15( mm) External diameter: 32( mm) Weight: 0.030( kg) Bearing material: Carburization bearing steel (surface hardening type) Use: Common Type: Deep ditch ball bearing

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