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The rolling bearing uses and what is the method to keep?

27th January 2009 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

First, rolling bearing operation method and attentive matters:

Compared with general machine component, the precision of the rolling bearing is relatively high, so should be careful accordingly while using.

1,Keep the bearing and cleaning around.

2,Careful conscientiously while using: If give bearing assaulting carelessly strongly while using, will make the bearing present scar, compression, rupture etc. wounded.

3,Use the appropriate tool.

4,Pay attention to the antirusting of the bearing. Should avoid, use in moist place, for make sweat stained with, should wear glove.

5,The user should be familiar with the bearing.

6,Make the homework norm that the bearing uses:

1, the custody of bearing

2, bearing and peripheral washing

3, the size which install the position and processing the test of quality

4, installation homework

5, the inspection after installing

6, dismantlement homework

7, maintain and maintain check regularly

8, the supplement of lubricant

Second, custody of bearing:

1,Bearing scribble, have to antirust oil and use, antirust wrapper right amount of when being dispatched from the factory, so long as should pack and is not destroyed, the quality of the bearing will get the assurance.

2,But while preserving for a long time, draft it on condition that the temperature is lower than 65%, the temperature is about 20 ¡æ, leave it in the shelf higher than the ground 30cm. In addition, keeping the place should avoid penetrating the sunshine directly or touching with the cold wall.

Third, installation of bearing: install the previous attentive matters

1,Preparation of the bearing

Because the bearing is antirusted and dealt with and packs, don’t open packaging before less than facing installationing.

In addition, the ones that apply on the bearing antirust the oil has good lubricated performance, as to the bearing or filling with the bearing of lubricating grease for general purposes, needn’t wash and use directly. But use the bearing or is used in the high-speed bearing rotated, employ the clean washing oil and antirust the oil is washed to the instrument, the bearing is apt to get rusty at this moment, can’t put for a long time.

2,Test of axle and outer cover

Wash bearing and outer cover, confirm having no scar or machinery to process the burr left. Can’t grind pharmaceuticals SiC, Al2O3,etc. in the outer cover absolutely Molding sand, smear metal,etc..

Secondly examine axle and size, shape of the outer cover and process quality to coincide with drawing.

Source: Mechanical expert’s network

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