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The politef lining pump valve and from the lubricated bearing characteristic

27th October 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The politef lining pump valve and from the lubricated bearing characteristic:

This product is to regard PTFE as main raw materials, has packed other wear-resisting materials, through the suppressing and fritting of the mould, can make and have no oil to lubricate the wear-resisting bearing material. This product is mainly applied to cylinder, cylinder, shock absorber, lathe guide,etc..

The main variety of this lining is as follows,
1 . Politef lining butterfly’s valve, floodgate valve, ball valve, stop valve, check damper, tap valve, diaphragm valve of different specifications,etc..
2 . All kinds of lining the intersection of Fluorine and corrosion-resistant centrifugal pump, liquid lay pump, frank tube, three direct links, elbow, different to in charge of, swell directly sections of compensator,etc. line the intersection of Fluorine and systematic valve,etc. with.

The main characteristic of this product: Have not put up the seam, shock-resistant, ageing-resistant, is able to bear positive negative pressure. There are smooth very on its surface,shape steel piece of any can inside and outside line with.


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