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The oil film bearing prevents mixing oil and low torsion lubricating grease to seal

29th March 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

First, oil film bearing prevent mixing the oil

Lubricate and manage well, prevent bearing, gear,etc. rub the abrasion of the sport part or frit, prevent and reduce the abrasion, reduce friction resistance, prevent apparatus accident, raise the apparatus production efficiency; Power saving, improve the effective rate of utilization of energy, increase the economic benefits, it is the main task of the lubricated management.

1.On the premise of rational capacity of fuel tank, the oil level keeping the fuel tank rational, often replenish the lubricating oil to the fuel tank, make the fluid in the fuel tank in the rational oil level of operation all the time, it is angry to take off the fluid, the precipitating machine is mixed, it is favorable to separate the moisture and reduce the oil in the case warmly.

2.It lubricates management to be one professional technical management, should have, lubricate the technological administrative staff while being full-time, make the lubricated management system, lubricate the training of technological knowledge.

3.Timing, making a reservation to collect and operate kind of Petroleum Company of the People’s Republic of China, from the intersection of oil and smell, colour, the intersection of viscosity and change, water content, can divide swimming skill into, the intersection of pollutant and classification and content, resist the intersection of bubble and performance,etc., measure and test. Entering in lubricating the oil ordered, water content exceeds 0.1% o’clock, machinery is abraded and increased sharply; The lubricated state at over 0.5% will be very dangerous. Do a god job in and measure the record.

4.Analyze that measures and records each more time, is predicted and predicts the bad lubricated state, make out and improve or defend suffering from the measure. Oil level, oil, oil in system warm and oil pressure control call the police and interlock, take safe and reliable, stop to lubricate the emergence of the accident.

Second, low torsion lubricating grease is sealed

1.Soak and apply dense inferior sodium solution nitric acid

After washing the products, soak it in solution with 15%-20% inferior sodium nitric acid and 0.6% carbonic acid sodium, pile up it again. One is relatively short that it antirusts to adopt one kind of methods, can only generally keep for 7-14 days, and in plum rains season, because the weather is moist, must deal with again in 2-3 days when can only keep ing, need to cost the manpower and money.

2.Soak in the rustproof trough

Soak the bearing snare in 5% inferior sodium nitric acid and aqueous solution of 0.6% carbonic acid sodium, the result of antirusting is fair, want a lot of antirust trough wait for apparatus, take up a large number of space, management inconvenient.

3.Apply the oil

Oil of antirusting as using and is similar to the antirust paint the finished product. This method must be washed before carrying out the next process, cumbersome.

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