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The major cause of the corrosion of the antifriction bearing and work of antirusting of the bearing

14th December 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The major cause of the corrosion of the antifriction bearing and work of antirusting of the bearing:

Drench the gushing out type and antirust, management is more convenient, save labour force again, the middle storehouse antirusted with 2 individuals unable to finish in the past, use a person’s other work of being as now, also very prominent according to result of antirusting. To 7002136 and 3620 friction roller 4000 more than, adopt, drench person who gush out, antirust, insist very much bright still in more than one year nearly in will it be March 2003, there is no corrosion. In addition the consumption of the chemical was also saved greatly, the friction roller workshop needed to consume more than 4 million grams of sodium nitrite per month in the past, it only spends 200 kilograms now, save nearly half.

Drench the gushing out antirusting law and pass test and use in recent years of relevant producer, prove that much to medium-and-large-sized, batch, cycle is long the semi-manufactured bearing is very suitable.

The main reason for corrosion has the following several points:

Some enterprises are not to part of bearing and axle after assembling in the processing course according to the requirements of rules and oil-sealed rust preventive package of washing antirusting strictly in the course of producing the bearing Bear the wasted product and carry on stain proofing. If the turnaround time in turnover of collar is too long, there is caustic liquid or gas,etc. in the excircle contact of outer lane.

The quality of antirusting, washing kerosene,etc. products that some enterprises use in production can not reach the requirement that the technology stipulates.

Because the bearing steel price is lowered again and again, thus cause the bearing steel material to glide gradually. Such as non-metal on the high side impurity content under steel products ‘ The rising of sulfur content makes materials resist the corrosion characteristic to drop in the steel products Metallographic structure deflection,etc.. The used bearing steel source of manufacturing enterprise is relatively mixed now, steel products quality is that an ichthyosauru mixes the pearl even more.

The environmental conditions of some enterprises are discrepancy, the content of the harmful substance is high in the air, the turnover field is too small, it is difficult to carry on valid stain proofing. In addition, it is hot, the direct labor violates rules of antirusting without lacking the existence either

Some enterprise antirust paper, nylon paper ‘ Bag Plastic tube,etc. bearing pack materials accord with the demands for oil-sealed rust preventive package of the antifriction bearing, cause factor of corrosion one of too.

Some the intersection of enterprise and the intersection of turning and excess and the intersection of grinding and excess of bearing ring lean towards little, oxide skin that excircle have, decarbonizate layer, fail, it removes to be reason one of too totally.

Differentiation of the bearing corrosion.

Determine and become rusty the hole depth, the naked eye is observed: Observe and import the appearance corrosion state of the bearing. Rely on magnifier ‘ 5~10 times Further observe and import the appearance corrosion state of the bearing. Rely on the microscope ‘ 25~100 times Analyze the corrosion product. Analyze that finds out and corrodes the reason. Usually according to the corrosion level, the corrosion can be divided into three kinds: Light rust: Importing the bearing appearance loses metallic reflection, it is dark and gray to appear. The rust of China: Importing the bearing appearance presents yellow, chocolate, light brown or has rust powder of drib. Heavy rust: It is black flaky rust layer or protruding pitting to import the bearing appearance.

The work is an important job, especially antirusting among the process that the bearing antirusts, after handling the workshop and undergoing acid cleaning, washing, grinding and processing in heat like the bearing, and a lot of processes. When the products do not adopt the production of flowing water, finish processing and store in the middle storehouse soon in series once, so the bearing ring stored among the process must antirust. Bearing knowledge

The method to generally adopt of antirusting has the following aspects among the process:

1.Soak in the rustproof trough

Soak the bearing snare in aqueous solution of 5% of the sodium nitrite and 0.6% of the soda, the result of antirusting is fair, want a lot of antirust trough wait for apparatus, take up a large number of space, management inconvenient.

2.Dip-coat dense sodium nitrite solution

After washing the products, immersion contains in the solutions of 15% – 20% of the sodium nitrite and 0.6% of the soda, pile up it again. One is relatively short that it antirusts to adopt this kind of method, can only generally keep for 7-14 days, and in plum rains season, because the weather is wet, can only insist on on 2-3 days

Must handle again, need to cost the manpower and money.


Spread the rust-preventive oil like wasted product. This method must be washed before holding the next process, cumbersome.

Technique introduction of antirusting newly

Tackled key problems with the relevant producer together, the production practices for many years are indicated, carry on numerous improvements in antirusting among the process, in order to adopt the result of antirusting which drenches the gushing out type it is better. Antirust and try out the friction roller at first, wash semifinished material and wasted product once with sodium nitrite aqueous solution every day, the random examination result has not found the corrosion 3 months later, adopt and drench the gushing out type and antirust to the bearing snare semifinished material now, the result is also like this. It is simpler to drench the gushing out craft of antirusting, its method is as follows:

1.The purchases and buildsing of the apparatus

How much is stored according to semifinished material, set up a middle storehouse, use the floor of cement on the ground, the middle can set up one walkway, about the intersection of 1.5m and used for passing through in the bearing ring dolly. End of the passway set one free to deposit the aqueous pond of sodium nitrite, solution fills a prescription and adds 0.6% of the soda as 5% – 10% of the sodium nitrite, finish, answer ditch at ground, and then pile up the bearing ring at floor on both sides, keep 0.6m walkway between each pile of bearing rings. Can talk in the middle storehouse and design to be about 64m2, its aqueous pond of sodium nitrite is 1m3


Wash once with sodium nitrite aqueous solution every morning, aqueous solution is sucked from the pond out by the water pump, lead to the shower nozzle by the rubber pipeline, wash the bearing ring as drenching and gushing out. Aqueous solution after developing is from going back to the ditch to flow back to the pond, the end pond upper strata of the ditch of going back, do a gauze filter and flow into the pond with the gray dust and dirt thing of textile with thin wire gauze and gauze. The middle storehouse should guarantee the quality to clean.

Solution in the pond is tested once every 2 days, supplement according to the result of laboratory test, the change time limit of solution goes on according to different month in the pool, once of complete transposition every 2 weeks of April – September, October – next year March, once of transposition every month.

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