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The maintenance of FAG bearing overhauls and damages the countermeasure

27th November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

It is correct whether the rivet head that mainly observes the bearing when measuring has crooked, relaxed position that welds. Keep the quality of welding of the shelf. Whether the pad is too small, can’t weld firmly, or weld question of card ball,etc. excessively caused. All the place for especially needing paying attention to in the course of measuring FAG bearing. In addition some questions need paying attention to.

Now come to share the some detection to bearing in the working experience for many years for everybody. The inspection of FAG bearing should be to go on under the environment with light on the environment at first, astigmatism it is had better,it is in this way could getting better observe FAG the outsides of bearing, see there is no crackle to wait for other unusually on its surface. Such as the abrasion in the course of mechanical cloud, scratch, press and touch, will cause FAG bearing device skew, lead to the fact device position bad, cause flat year and stress centralized, precision and reducing of service life of bearing, FAG of model.

1,Maintenance, overhauls, and unusual treatment of FAG bearing

In order to maintain the original performance of the bearing with the good state as for a long time as possible, must maintain, overhaul, on right, guarantee dependability that turn round in order to defend accident, improve productive, economy. Had better maintain the operation or work standard of the condition that corresponding machinery operates, go on regularly. The content includes, the inspection monitoring the state of operating, supplementing or changing lubricant, dismantling regularly.

As overhauling the item in operation, there are rotatory sound, the states of the vibration, temperature, lubricant of the bearing,etc..

2,Damage and countermeasure of FAG bearing

Generally, if use the bearing correctly, can use to reach fatigue life. But there will be accidents that will be damaged too early, are not able to bear in the situation that uses. This kind is damaged in early days, is opposite to fatigue life, use the limit to the quality known as trouble or accident. The ones that caused by and installed, used, lubricated going are careless more, foreign matter invaded from the outside, research of influence enough getting abundant as to axle, heat of outer cover.

About the damage state of FAG bearing, for example: Wounded that one set of circles of the sub bearing blocks the card in the side to roll, can be considered as the reason, lubricant is insufficient, unsuitable, is for the defect, foreign matter invading, bearing of arranging the oil structure to install the bending too big of the error, axle, also there are these coincident reasons.

So, only investigate FAG bearing is damaged, very rare real reason to know to be damaged. However, if know using the structure around the machinery, service condition, bearing, understanding the situation before and after the accident happens of the bearing, damage state and several kinds of reasons for combining the bearing investigate, can prevent the similar accident from recuring.

About FAG bearing to use attentive matters as follows:

Keep FAG bearing and turnover clean

Even it is eyes that think little dust, can bring bad influence to FAG bearing too. So, keep clean around, make the dust unlikely to invade FAG bearing.

Use carefully carefully

Administrate FAG bearing to assault in using strongly, will produce scar and compression, become the reason of the accident. Under the serious situation, know the crack, rupture, so must notice.

Use the appropriate FAG operation tool

Avoid replacing with the existing engineering bearing, must use the appropriate tool. We often emphasize the importance of the tool, because too many customers use the wrong tool to cause the damage of FAG bearing in installation.

Should pay attention to the corrosion of FAG bearing

While operating FAG bearing, the sweat on hand will become the reason to get rusty. Should notice, operate with clean hands, had better try hard to take gloves.

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