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The installation of heating of the rolling bearing is introduced in detail

28th February 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

It is big in 70mm to look on as the internal diameter of the bearing when the bearing is installed, or while cooperating and is full of bigger, generally adopt heating law, make the bearing hole swell, will save effort and save time at the time of installation in this way, also avoiding because the application of force is too big and damage of the bearing caused,etc..

It is the temperature heated that need to control at this time, will generally heat the bearing to 80 ℃, it is enough to up to ℃100. It exceeds 120 ℃ to lead to the fact the tempered phenomenon takes place in the bearing, thus enable the hardness and reducing of precision of one set of circles.

First, commonly used method that the bearing heats are as follows,

1,The bearing heats – electric board heating law:

So long as put the bearing for several minutes on the electric board at a temperature of 100 ℃, this law is the most simple and most convenient, can make the bearing heated evenly if turn several times, and efficiency is relatively high, can all be heated with this law regardless of different kinds of the bearings.

2,The heating of bearing – heating law of electric stove:

Put the bearing in the close electric stove controlling the temperature automatically and pay and heat, this kind of method is heated even and controlling the temperaturely accurately, and heat quickly, is suitable for the occasions of one batches of a lot of bearings of heating.

3,The heating of bearing – heating law of reaction:

Law this can utilize the intersection of reaction and heater fast, reliable and heating to temperature not needed bearing clean, this kind of method is especially suitable for the occasion that those inner circles cooperate closely, because it is only an inner circle that is heated too, and it is very few for outer lane to heat, in this way can install at axle in order to a easy one, also very apt to pack into the seat hole.

4,The heating of bearing – heating law of electric bulb:

This kind of method makes use of electric bulb of 50W to heat the bearing, the temperature that can guarantee to be heated is at about 100 ℃, as to the thing that smaller bearing can be put on the bulb directly, in the toper that bigger bearing can locate in the bulb is covered, toper put on can it defends the intersection of bulb and heat to be lost, make, heat very much even. The toper can also be paid and transposed from head to foot to cover, can accommodate the bearing which heats different sizes within certain range. If is a far infrared bulb adopted, the direction which should pay attention to the bulb should be downwards, in order to prevent the infrared ray from injuring to people’s eyes. This kind of bulb can be energy-conserving. Less and occasion not often heated to the bearing that the heating law of the bulb is suitable for quantity, bulb also can use as, light, need other apparatuses of any under the situation at ordinary times.

5,The heating of bearing – oil groove heating law:

This law is a application wider traditional heating method, set up the metal network on the oil slot pitch bottom 50 to 70mm, it is on net that the bearing locates in, the big bearing will be hung with the hook. The bearing is not suitable for direct putting at the bottom of the trough, by preventing some heated temperature of position of the bearing exposed to the bottom of the trough is too high, or the filth precipitated at the trough bottom enters the bearing. Heat the attention main point of the law with oil groove as follows: Have mineral oil with good caustic hot stability to should use, had better use the voltage transformer oil, the oil should keep better cleaning with the container. The capacity of the oil groove should be made with size and oil amount of the bearing that is heated, if too small of container, in continuous operation, know the decline quickly once putting the bearing oil warmly, the result will not be good.

Second, bearing heat the main point of installing law:

1 . What the temperature that the bearing heats should be controlled is very good, the temperature too high bearing may be damaged, hypothermia may be enabled the expansion deficiency of one set of circles, does not cause the result notably. 80 to 100 the intersection of heating and heat expansion of the internal diameter of inner circle temperature receive of ℃, this quantity has been already very enough for having generally over bearing which is full of quantity.

2 . Once reach the temperature of required heating, should install the bearing as soon as possible, in case that it is difficult, etc for the bearing to cool and install.

3 . When the bearing is cooled, too can shrink to some extent in the intersection of width and direction, want, exert certain pressure the compressing tightly to the shoulder of inner circle when the installation, and do simple detection through the way that extremely the thin one fills in chi after the bearing is cooled, it depends on that interval,etc. has appeared between terminal surface of inner circle and axle shoulder.

In a word, require movements to be skilled, fast and accurate during installation of bearing.

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