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The design knowledge of the deep ditch ball bearing of stainless steel is analyzed

30th March 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Take the bearing of the dustproof lid

Take the bearing of the dustproof lid, the suffix is 2Z, the dustproof lid is made of stainless steel. Build the intersection of jade and shoulder of inner circle, form an extremely narrow interval while being dustproof, and can bear high temperature and high rotational speed. Take the dustproof bearing that overlays to be mainly applied to the operating mode that the inner circle rotates. If the outer lane rotates, the bearing will cause lubricating grease to let out under operating at a high speed.

Bearing with sealed circle

Take contact-type to seal bearing of circle, suffix, for 2RS1, seal, enclose, have the intersection of steel and skeleton resist oil and resist abrade make the intersection of nitrile and rubber, make. This thanks sealed circle allows working temperature to be – 40 to 100 ℃, can be up to 120 ℃ in short time. The contact-type sealed lip which seals the circle is sealing the shoulder in the inner circle. Seal and enclose the outer fringe in the groove of the outer lane, can offer the good sealed result in this position.

When the sealed bearing runs under some extreme conditions, such as the extremely high rotational speed or high temperature, may cause lubricating grease on the inner circle and seal the leakage during enclosing. Reveal situation, can dispose, lead to the fact damage nature influence to bearing, must undergo the special design step.

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