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The correct installation taper rolls sub bearing and water pump axle are connected with the bearing method

28th February 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

First, installation of bearing:

The installation of the bearing must go on under the dry, clean environmental condition. Should check the axle with the terminal surface, cannelure which matched the surface, protruding shoulder in the outer cover and connect superficial processing quality carefully before installing. All cooperation connect the surface and must be washed and removed burrs carefully, the crude surface of the casting must clean-out the molding sand.

Bearing should wash with petrol or kerosene first install, use after being dry, and guarantee to lubricate well, the bearing generally adopts the lipoprotein to lubricate, can also adopt the oil to lubricate. While adopting the lipoprotein to lubricate, should select lubricating grease with superior performance of having no impurity, being anti-oxidant, antirusting, pressing very much etc. for use. The packing amount of lubricating grease should not be too many as 30%-60% of the bearing and case volume of bearing. Sub bearing and water pump axle connect with the bearing and already pack good lubricating grease to take pair of the sealed structure and list the taper and roll, users can use directly, can’t wash again.

When the bearing is installed, must exert the equal pressure on the circumference of the terminal surface of one set of circles, press one set of circles, can’t beat the terminal surface of bearing directly with Lang’s first class tool, so as not to damage the bearing. Under passing less situation of the full ofing amount, can push down the terminal surface of one set of circles of bearing with the collet at room temperature, beat the collet with Lang’s head, press one set of circles balancedly through the collet. If while installing in enormous quantities, can adopt the press of the liquid. Press fashionable, should guarantee the intersection of outer lane and terminal surface and the intersection of outer cover and the intersection of TV station and the intersection of shoulder and terminal surface, inner circle terminal surface and the intersection of axle and the intersection of platform and the intersection of shoulder and terminal surface compress tightly, do not allow the interval.

When the full ofing amount is bigger, can adopt oil bath heating or inductor to heat the bearing method to install, it is 80 ℃- 100 ℃ to heat the temperature range, can not exceed 120 ℃ at the top. Meanwhile, employ nut or other appropriate method fasten bearing, until the intersection of width and direction shrink and make sets of circle and produce the interval between the axle shoulder prevent bearing from cool.

Uniline’s taper rolls the installation of sub bearing should carry on the adjustment of the backlash finally. The backlash value should be according to cross the size of full ofing amount and is confirmed specificallying of different using the operating mode and cooperating. If necessary, should fix the test. Pair lists the taper and rolls sub bearing and water pump axle connect with the bearing and already adjust the good backlash when being dispatched from the factory, needn’t change while installing.

Should rotate the test after the installation of bearing, is used in the rotation axis or bearing case at first, except for unusual, have no load, operate at a low speed with motive force, then look at the situation of operating and improve rotational speed and load progressively, and measure noise, shaking and Wen Sheng and find abnormality, checks in conformity with breakdown. Can be made available to the users after operating and testing normally.

Second, dismantlement of bearing:

When the bearing plans to continue using after pulling down, should select the appropriate dismantlement tool for use. Dismantle one set of circles that is full of cooperating, can only add pulling force on this set of circles, never allow to transmit and dismantle strength through rolling the body, otherwise roll the body and roll one will be weighed wounded.

Third, environment for use of bearing:

According to using the position, service condition and environmental condition to choose the specification size, precision, cooperate with the suitable bearing to guarantee the prerequisite of bearing life-span and dependability.

1,Use the position: The taper rolls the sub bearing is suitable for bearing radial and axial union load relying mainly on radial load, usually mate and use with two sets of bearings, should be on transmission positions such as hub, initiative taper gear, differential mechanism, decelerator,etc. before and after the car mainly.

2,Allow the rotational speed: In installation is correct, lubricate the good environment, allow for 0.3-0.5 times of the bearing terminal rotational speed. Under the general normal situation, until terminal rotational speed of 0.2 time is should most.

3,Allow the angle of inclination: The taper rolls the sub bearing seldom allows the axle the foreign shell hole has slope, if there is slope, most not to greatly exceed 2 ‘.

4,Allow the temperature: Bearing the normal load, and lubricant has high temperature resistant performance, and lubricate under the abundant condition, the general bearing allows to work at – environmental 30 ℃- 150 ℃.

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