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The choice skill of the bearing with low noise is analyzed

30th January 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

1There is rolling bearing of the low in noise requirement

In the standard bearing that China produces, some unilines roll to heart ball bearing and short cylinder the sub bearing have low noise variety that bearing of supplying power machines uses. Among them the ball bearing has several varieties to take Zl, Z2 and three kinds of suffix of Z3 from φ 2.5mm of internal diameter to φ 60mm, correspond to three kinds of different low noises separately to require, and roll in the sub bearing since there are the N309 types according to the variety of the low in noise standard manufacture to N322 type altogether eight types.

These bearings can well be suitable for other machines with the low in noise requirement, and the price is cheap, such as can meet the requirements on type and size, try hard to adopt the low noise bearings of these two typesing.

2Adopt the noise relatively smaller bearing

When it is unable to use the low noise bearings of the above-mentioned two kinds of types, can adopt the noise relatively smaller bearing. Concrete comparison is accorded with as follows:

1Noise of ball bearing low than roll sub bearing, as to slip fewer bearing rub The noise is lower than to relatively slip the more bearing;

2Use entity keep sets of noise of bearing press, keep the bearing of the shelf low using relative; Use the plastics to keep noises of a bearing the above two kinds of bearings which keep the shelf lower than to use; Several more than balls one, the outer lane is thick, the noise is relatively small too,

3The bearing of high precision, especially use and roll the bearing of the body with higher precision, its noise has relatively less noise than low precision bearing,

4The noise of the little bearing is relatively smaller than the noise of the big bearing.

Roll sub bearing to the intersection of heart and noise of ball bearing than short cylinder little, short cylinder roll sub noise of bearing roll sub noise of bearing to be little than taper.

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