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The car bearing installs, uses and maintains the introduction to general knowledge

25th November 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The car bearing installs, uses and safeguards general knowledge:

The car and ordinary mechanical bearing, an important difference, lies in the car bearing uses in the environment of moving, so it receive strength state and working state complicated, car catch as first very much accurate machine component at the same time, correct installation and use, lubricate and maintain until basic function caught to realize essential.

Installation and dismantlement of the bearing:

Wash the bearing and relevant part matching it with the clean kerosene or petrol;

Check whether the bearing planned to use is in conformity with prototype number, the part size of matching it is qualified;

Press the bearing with the specialized assembly tool collet, the telescopic diameter of the tool can’t exceed the external diameter that the bearing block the side, make sure not to assault and assemble barbarously evenly hard while assembling;

The bearing should rotate bearing and relevant part after installing, look over whether there are card stagnat phenomenon and unusual noise;

Pour into lubricating grease or lubricating oil appointed according to the requirement for the part of the host computer;

Must go on the oil bath heat to bearing at assembling large-scale bearing and bearing, axle and the intersection of flat and old products of full ofing etc. under hole, about oil temperature at 80 ℃;

When the bearing is dismantled, must use the drawing specific purpose tool, forbid beating the bearing directly with the ironware;

Bearing assemble and dismantle, should avoid, make, roll body, it keeps shelf receive strength to be or out of shape.


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