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The Book of Revelation

6th May 2013 Christian Books 2 Comments

Distributor: Spring Arbor/Ingram Author: Catherine A. Cory Format: 101 pages, paperback ISBN: 9780814628850

The Book of Revelation (New Collegeville Bible Commentary: New Testament) (Pt. 12)

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  • Bendawang
    4:11 on May 6th, 2013
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    Another readable and current presentation from the Liturgical Press series! I particularly liked the photos from the holy land (my favorite place in the whole world!). The author pithily summarizes the highpoints of each passage. As a pastor, I find the text an excellent prep for homilies. It lets me be focussed and creative at the same time. Highly recommended.

  • Moist Ass Bitch
    6:11 on May 6th, 2013
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    Cory, who chairs the theology department of the University of Saint Thomas, stresses in her introduction that the Book of Revelation, like all of Scripture, can be properly understood only in relation to its social and historical context. She cautions against viewing Revelation as a timeline useful in preparing for the end of the world, or a “war manual” applicable to the battle between righteous and evil forces. Instead, we can find in Revelation a challenge to embrace right behavior in our everyday lives. She proceeds through a verse-by-verse examination to demystify this often disturbing and confusing text.

    Her early explanation of the symbolic numbers and colors in the Book of Revelation prepares us to understand their intended significance as they are presented in the series of visions that make up the text. She also highlights patterns of the number seven in Revelation, as in the visions of last things in chapters 19 and 20. Returning to the caution against literal interpretation, Cory points out that the end-times visions are presented in “highly mythical language,” that calls for symbolic, rather than historical, interpretation. “However, the message is clear: God is just and God is sovereign. God will indeed vindicate the righteous and punish the wicked.”

    This work, as others in the New Collegeville Bible Commentary series, is designed with the reading, with boldface subheadings, running across the top of each page, and the commentary, with related bold headings, printed below. Discussion questions and a map of the Seven Churches of Revelation are provided.

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