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The bearing uses the material analysis

30th March 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The material of the bearing:

One set of circles and rolling the body of the rolling bearing, one side bears high and exposed to the pressure repeatedly, one side goes on with the rolling contact slipping. Keepers, one side and sets of circle and both sides to roll body, or the intersection of and one party its slip and keep in touch, one side bears pulling force and compresses strength. So, to one set of circles of the bearing, material, performance rolling the body and keeping the shelf, mainly requiring as follows.

One set of circles, required performance of rolling the body material:

Roll big fatigue strength The hardness is high Able to bear rubing the dawdling high

Keep the required performance of a material:

Size stability is good The mechanical intensity is large

In addition, it is good to also need processability. On the basis of the use, it is good to still require its impact resistance, heat resistance, is able to bear corrosivity.

The set of circles and materials which rolls the body:

One set of circles and rolling the body to usually use the high-carbon chromium bearing steel. Most bearings, SUJ2 while using JIS steel to plant. The large-scale bearing uses SUJ3.

The chemical composition of SUJ2, in the countries all over the world, have already standardized with the material as the bearing. For example: And AISL52100 U.S.A. , DIN100Cr6 West Germany , BS535A99 Britain When belonging to the same kind of steel.

Further need to use chromium steel, chromium molybdenum steel, nickel chromium molybdenum steel, adopt and ooze the charcoal to quench as the bearing material under shock-resistant situation, make steel from surface to having one the intersection of sclerosis and layer deeply appropriate. Oozing the charcoal bearing of the surface with appropriate sclerosis depth, close tissue, suitable hardness and hardness of core, have fine impact resistance more than the bearing which use the bearing steel, the general one oozes the chemical composition of using steel of the charcoal bearing.

NSK implement vacuum take off angry to deal with, so material not used clear cleanliness high and oxygen content little of high quality. Adopt appropriate heat treatment, enable to roll the tired quantity life-span, raise notably the bearing.

Outside above-mentioned steel plant, according to special use, use the intersection of heat resistance and fine high-speed steel also, able to bear the stainless steel with good corrosivity.

Keep a material:

Press the material which keeps the shelf, use low carbon steel. On the basis of the use, use yellow copper, stainless steel board too. Cut and make the material which keeps the shelf, use brass of high strength, carbon steel, in addition also use the synthetic resin too.

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