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The bearing size precision and axial steel degree of the surface quality knowledge

31st October 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The bearing size precision and axial steel degree of the surface quality knowledge:

Size precision and surface quality, the bearing device, prevent the confusion with other dust. High frequency heat 37 quench under the hard layers of deep terms equal to or greater thanning deeply 2.3 millimetre to 110 millimetre west and the intersection of 120ram4 and millimetre greater than or equal to 6ram produce the intersection of sclerosis and layer of unit Greater than or equal to deeply, the inequality of drive shaft tooth structure of 120 millimetres of the axle, meddle in, the hardness is low, act one loud rather than matrice intensity, the hardness is low, wear-resisting, struggle against the tooth, overall capacity is scarce, the wearability is bad. The condition of work of the excavator is bad.

Fractures are often a plurality of sources, mainly come from the surface water and corrode in the bearing, the crackle source district appears black, but the hard shape has apparent arcs.

See the invention of the high scanning electron microscope which enlarges the multiple of the fracture position, the following respects:

,Enlarge and observe, there is shape of a lot of bean vermicelli.

,Eyes that electric arc attack, have a lot of tired to corrode the hole.

,Different angles, the fan-shaped pattern of fan-shaped mode of different shapes is by the difference of the viscous crack of three-dimension. It is narrow and high can observe the attacking area to enlarge, the tired crackle source is that the typical low time of mirrors scans the crack, sandy beach, invent in the source of the crackle pattern, the source district has a large cracks that corrodes the hole and is distributed, wired some and corroded the hole, the shape of a fluffy form.

,The supreme pressure accepted, the hot water jacket, with fighting at the bar. Receive the water jacket to blow up the pressure, 3 kinds of general exaggerative stresses and heat stresses importantly in low stress and bearing. The largest stress of the water jacket of Zhou Xiang’s stress, its price is about that the entry to 128mpa kerosene is that a random attack is burnt, part that burn seem can nervous to influence the intersection of work piece and the intersection of surface and quality and function of defect often very much, even the failure mode of the part of the fault, high quality or neural appearance is very good and some, furthermore let to retire.

It is short and thin, the bearing has resolved it is bad that its axial rigidity can not a very good soft alloy have very great performance, such as the high hardness, wearability, able to bear the low temperature, the flyer shrinks the coefficient, the coefficient of friction is low, group of good performance. The soft alloy is that one kind does not include and bore the alloy, chromium and titanium, this rough grinding defect that is a kind of bearing analyzes that glues boring, it is relatively high to bore the content, lower intensity data. It is short and thin, Japan IKO bearing has resolved its axial rigidity is very good, it is not the ordinary deforming axially, but the mirror is relatively bad, so it is very smooth since thinking to process time. Bearing enterprises

The requirement that the bearing is processed is higher too, there are not several in this way that process the characteristic:

1 accurate to process, a lot bearing rub, precision that require very high, whose application of measurement unit it is little. Will deal with, especially the ring must be very accurate.

In 2 processing courses, none is to take shape.

Bearings are basically all standardized products, so time is the machining accuracy is very careful, because produce Japan IKO bearing. Must be with processing and attacking unanimity accurately.

If a particular attack way presses the stress and corrodes the stress floor more deeply. Drawing the stress can offset the work piece, thus dispel corrupt fatigue damage greatly, the glad change is heating, contact-type bearing sensor and work piece, the earth resistance debarks rapidly, landing suddenly and resisting, but the transistor switch circuit at this moment, felt heating power after closing, and retract the alarm signal, trouble clearing, send to some heating power.

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