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The bearing produced the ball bearing of major groove on one’s own account in Shang 696Z 625Z mass marketing fill with everything Inferior bearing Co., Ltd. of the precision of Foshan

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Note: Our company is mainly responsible for producing marketing, stock many kinds of different size classes and the bearing of the type (mould, not mould)s in the warehouse ,We will provide the high-quality products for you according to your demand, can customize and process according to the client requirement.

The price is inconsistent because of the change of type specification, advise you to call to consult to understand:

Cellular telephone: 13586251852

Company fixed telephone: 86-075785966958

(welcome your sending a telegram to) )

[Use of this product ]

Employ the Hardware fitting of the doors and windows extensively, and aluminum alloy doors and windows pulley, shower cabinet pulley, furniture pulley, rectangular wheel, built-in cupboard wheel, moving door wheel, wardrobe wheel, cupboard wheel, a door wheel, the change-speed gear, screen window wheel, univesal wheel, damping wheel, fish’s line wheel, wire wheel, window hang

[Contact details ]

Inferior bearing Co., Ltd. of the precision of Foshan

Contact: Yuan JunHua

Tel.: 86-075785966958

Cellular telephone: 13586251852

Address: South sea area yellow Qi abrasive Block A2 3A brass-wind instrument of grinding apparatus city of Foshan of Guangdong Province

Postcode: 52824

Company’s homepage: https: //

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