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The bearing is used and lubricated

29th April 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Antifriction bearing commonly used lubricant has lubricating oil and two kinds of grease.

When the circular velocity of the axle is smaller than 4-5m/s, or can’t use the placement of lubricating the oil lubrication on the car, adopt the grease to lubricate. It is simple in construction that the advantage that the grease lubricates is sealed, it is difficult for the grease to run off, it is not high to influenced by temperature, can use longer time while adding grease once. Using the grease should pay attention to two questions, first, take according to the requirement for the car specification, choose the grease of the suitable trade mark. For example, the car water pump bearing is unsuitable to choose and receive the grease of group, because its water resistance is discrepancy. Second, the grease which adds the bearing takes right amount of, generally only fill 1/2 – l/3 of the bearing cavity pocket, it is not only useless to be too many, but also will increase the operation resistance of the bearing, make its intensification generate heat. The ones that especially should pay attention to are car hub bearing, recommend ” the empty hub is lubricated ” ,Namely only in the grease of right amount of of a layer of final coating of the bearing, otherwise, not only waste and dispel the heat badly, will also make the grease heated and overflowed, may influence and brake the characteristic. The advantage of lubricating the oil lubrication is that the frictional resistance is small, and can dispel the heat and used mainly in the high-speed and working ambient temperature more high bearing. The trade mark of the lubricating oil should be chosen according to the requirement of specifications of the car, the joining-up in parallel car maintains cycle to change in time, the in addition new oil after washing to the organization after emitting the origin oil, refueling should apply the specified graticule, or the mouth is flushed depend on car concrete structure, requirement with refueling ,Can’t add.

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