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The ball mill bearing is slipped and changed to roll It is high in efficiency to save energy and reduce the cost

31st December 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

At present, China is that the largest construction material produces the country and consumes the country in the world. Output such as products cement of main building materials, plate glass, building hygiene pottery, stone material and wall material have occupied the first place in the world for many years. Meanwhile, building materials product quality are progressing constantly, energy and raw materials consumption drop year by year, various new building materials are emerging constantly, the building materials products are entering grade and regenerating constantly. The development at full speed of the building materials trade benefits from the technological innovation of the apparatus on one hand very big, the ball mill is used in the powder and rub various ore and other supplies jointly, is used in trades such as ore dressing, building materials and chemical industry,etc. extensively, in recent years, ball mill trade, towards develop towards direction of saving energy and reducing the cost, ball mill producer using the special skill one after another, contribute the strength for ball mill trade.
Ball mill producer use the topic of slipping the bearing and existing to start with from the traditional ball mill, have studied how to solve the topic that the ball mill saves energy and reduces the cost through the topic of the bearing of changing from slipping the bearing into moving.
The ball mill, as a kind of heavy engineering, its main bearing is supporting the weight of the whole turning round department, in addition, the bearing still bears and grinds body and supplies to throw the impact load fallen and produced. , cooking decreasing the normal operation influencing the whole apparatus directly of main bearing sphere tile, thus influence the whole ore dressing to produce the operation of the line. In producing actually, the sphere tile which slips the bearing often cherishes tiles, cause great losses ultimately. The detailed reason includes three factors:
1Axle bush makes the factor
Axle bush alloy material topic, forging the topic and processing the quality defect, it is one of the main reasons for axle bush quality topic. Axle bush composition does not up to standard of, it is unequal for alloy to organize, influence the intersection of axle bush and function directly.
2 Equipment installation factor
Main bearing stand horizontal elevation error and longitudinal, horizontal level degree of ball mill exceed standard, rub the body and operate and is heated to swell and extend, make axle and axle bush interval diminish, put out axle bush in the join of sphere when being severe, make the axle present linear contact with axle bush, exposed to the stress to increase sharply, the abrasion is accelerated, this slips the bearing and burns another reason decreased.
3Handle the factor
Because the glueing of lubricating oil is tided over low or the oil is not good, and mix with the impurity or lubricating oil and has not changed on schedule, also will cause axle bush to burn and decrease. It must choose the high-quality lubricating oil to solve this topic.
Follow the development of the manufacturing industry of the bearing, the large-scale bearing manufacture level of moving is progressing constantly, the large and medium sized ball mill in the world, the main bearing portion is played the bearing to replace passively gradually by the traditional sliding bearing. In the past few years, the rapid development of the manufacturing industry of the bearing through the country accordingly, move the bearing is changed over to the actual application stage too on the ball mill. Until China produce ball mill, use whom China produce move bearing at the main bearing, have made better energy-conserving result.
Move the intersection of bearing and ball mill with slip the intersection of bearing and ball mill it carries on foundations that energy-conservation compares to be: The intersection of ore and kind, property, breaking to pieces to rub and produce the procedure, installing the specification of the steel ball additionally, installing steel ball quantity additionally and driving the rail to make unanimity. Red celestial body mill producer researches and develops for the succession, look for the new method for the energy-conserving emission reduction of the progressive ball mill.

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