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The backlash of the antifriction bearing is determined with choosing and attentive matters

14th December 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Principle and method that the backlash of the bearing measures

The intersection of bearing and radial backlash it measures to be fixed inner circle or outer lane, it exerts to be can until examining value measure load steadily on the unfixable collar, and do the reciprocal movement on the basis of diameter direction to measure.

Put the intersection of side and hair to the unfixable collar width, read the shifting quantity along load direction on position of all angles of the unfixable collar, its arithmetic mean is a radial backlash value of a bearing.

Backlash of the antifriction bearing

The backlash while operating is also called the backlash of job, relations to some extent of characteristic such as the fatigue life, noise that the magnitude rolls to the bearing, shaking,etc..

Determination of the backlash

While measuring the backlash of the bearing, will generally exert to the bearing specifiedly and measure load, so that the stable measuring value. So, measured bigger than the genuine backlash, the backlash of theory has increased the elasticity deformation amount of measuring load and taking place; But to roller bearing, its elastic deformation amount is minor, can ignore. Fit the internal backlash of the front bearing and is generally indicated by backlash of theory.

Choice of the backlash

The choice of the backlash concerns and could work in the bearing normally, choose the suitable bearing backlash, can enable the distribution of load among rolling element rationally; Can limit axial and radial displacement of the outer cover, in order to guarantee the rotatory precision of the axle; Make the intersection of bearing and a normal operation under temperature that require; Reduce vibration and noise when the bearing works,etc.; Therefore but first, the backlash of bearing all have very great influence on bearing life-span, Wen Sheng, vibration and noise.

While choosing the backlash of bearing, except should consider the correlated condition when the bearing work, for instance rotational speed, temperature, load,etc., will consider the bearing usabilities, such as will friction moment, vibration and noise, rotate the precision etc.. Should also certainly pay attention to the following several points:

Bearing and engaging into through interference fit leading to the fact the backlash is reduced of axle and outer cover;

When 2 bearings work, the temperature difference of the Internal and external cycle leads to the fact the backlash is reduced; Inquire about the software in bearing type

3 axle and because the intersection of manufacture and materials of outer cover swell, count different to lead to the fact backlash reduce or increase;

The fact experience is indicated, the most suitable job backlash of ball bearing is almost equal to zero, should keep the job backlash of drib as to the most suitable operating condition of the roller bearing. Demand to support the preloading that has certain number value in the part with good stiffness too, such as the basic shaft of the lathe.

Generally speaking, backlash value is divided into three groups: Basic group, small backlash assist group and large backlash to assist the group.

The basic group’s backlash is suitable for the nominal operating condition and situation of recommending cooperating, under this nominal operating condition, it can get the comparatively suitable job backlash to choose the backlash bearing of basic group, so should preferred a basic group while choosing the backlash of bearing.

The small backlash assists the group to be suitable for requiring higher rotatory precision, need the axial displacement of the outer cover of rigid control and need to reduce occasions such as vibration and noise,etc..

The large backlash assists bearing and outer cover of bearing of group to adopt and have a surplus of and cooperate, inner circle of bearing and outer lane temperature difference are relatively large, the major groove ball bearing needs to accept greater axial load or need to improve the cente adjusting characteristic, demand to improve occasions such as the terminal rotational speed and reduce vibration and noise,etc..

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