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The angle is exposed to the electric main shaft introduction of the ball bearing

29th June 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

1. The ball bearing?

The main axle construction of electricity generally adopts the angle to contact the ball bearing to support, the disposition form of the bearing depends on loaded magnitude, direction, the rotational speed of the basic shaft and job requirements of the basic shaft. The electric basic shaft that the angle is exposed to the ball bearing generally adopts the support way pursuing to be shown.

Horn exposed to ball bearing in add the normal operation of ability under loaded terms in advance axially. Adding the load in advance not only can dispel the axial backlash of the bearing, can also improve the bearing rigidity and rotatory precision of the basic shaft, slippage phenomenon while inhibiting vibration and ball rotation,etc.. Generally speaking, it is the larger to add the load in advance, it is the better to improve rigidity and rotate the result of the precision; But on the other hand, it is the larger to add the load in advance, the higher Wen Sheng is, may cause and burn, thus reduce the life time, even can’t work normally. So, will choose the bearing according to different rotational speed and electric basic shaft supported optimally and add the loaded value in advance.

The electric basic shaft adopting the angle to be exposed to the ball bearing supports the way picture

The ball bearing is during high-speed rotation, the ball will produce very big centrifugal force and top force moment, the centrifugal force at this moment acts on and gives the strength of the ball when far greater than cutting, so the specification that the bearing is designed is no longer a working load at this moment, and should be the rotational speed. In order to solve the revolutionary centrifugal problem of the high speed, as to antifriction bearing, can take the following measure: ?

1 Try hard to reduce the ball diameter, namely reduce the radial size of the ball; ?

2 Make balls with hot pressing sintering Si3N4 ceramic material adopting the density to be little, namely reduce ball quality. Si3N4 ceramic material have the intersection of density and little, the intersection of elastic modulus and old, the intersection of heat expansion and the intersection of coefficient and little, high temperature resistant, conduct, magnetic conductive and the intersection of heat conductivity and advantage such as being little. Make balls of hot pressing Si3N4 pottery at present, the ball track still uses the bearing steel, this kind of bearing is known as pottery to mix the bearing.

2. The non-contact bearing?

Non-contact bearing means air static pressure bearing, liquid sound pigeonhole bearing and magnetic suspension bearing. ?

The air static pressure bearing is used in high-accuracy, high rotational speed, light and loaded occasion. Use the basic shaft unit of the air bearing, main shaft speed reachable above 150000r/min, but torsion torque and power outputted are very small, small-pore grinding, bore hole processing and light used mainly in the part are exactly processed. ?

Liquid sound pigeonholes the bearing and is used mainly in the heavily loaded high-power occasion at present. This kind of bearing is to adopt the way of combining with static force in power of the liquid, make the basic shaft support to rotate in the oil film. Its advantage is that a radial and lateral run-out are small, the rigidity high, damping characteristic is good, longe-lived, thick, fine finish is applicable.

The magnetic suspension bearing is the new intelligent bearing suspending the basic shaft contactlessly with the magnetic force. Its contactless, friction-free, non-abrasion, high precision of good performance at a high speed, do not need to lubricate and seal, can realize real-time diagnosis and on-line monitoring, so regarded as the research object by a lot of countries such as U.S.A., France, Switzerland, Japan and China. It is that an ultrafast basic shaft is suitable and ideal main shaft bearing, but cost an arm and a leg, and some technical matter solve totally yet, so it popularize and has been limited.

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