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The adapter sleeve salt bath of the bearing compounds treatment technology ‘ One)

31st July 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

First, technical superiority

This technical characteristic is mainly shown in the following several aspects:

1 , good wearability:

Can deal with the wearability of the metal surface of large amplitude enhancement to compound while adopting the salt bath

1,Roll its result of wearing test as follows:

Fig. 1

2,Slip the test result of the abrasion as follows:

Fig. 2

Under the condition of this experiment, 45 steel raw material After the salt bath is compounded and dealt with, roll the steel cementation of wear-resisting sex ratio 20 of wearing test and quench 9.6 times higher, quench 16.3 times higher 16.2 times higher, more regular than 45 steel than 45 steel high frequency quenching. 45 steel plate hard chromium, abrade abnormal, because chrome coating peel off for non- real abrasion value. Prove in testing many times, it is hard-chromed 2.1 times that the salt bath compounds the treated wearability.

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