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The abrasion life-span of the rolling bearing is analyzed

30th January 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The abrasion form present sticks the abrasion, the grit is abraded, corrode and abrade, move and abrade etc. a little in the rolling bearing. Lubricating the surface of bad lower relative motion incident to abrade sticking, even burn; Bearing external dust enter and lubricant contain impurity, bearing wash cleanly, etc, will produce the grit abrasion; Moisture, moisture, acid or alkali solution will be corroded and abraded to invade the bearing; Bearing rotate and in small to shake under the state moving and abrading a little for a long time.
It makes the surface of the part of the bearing coarse to abrade, the backlash of radial increases, rotate the precision to reduce, shake the noise to increase, rub the moment to increase, result in failing finally. Often lose the bearing the total revolution of accumulative total of its normal working performance because of abrading, or the number hour of work under certain rotational speed is regarded as the abrasion life-span of the bearing.
Just regard abrading the bearing radial backlash increase that has caused as the index that the bearing abrades the intensity at present, according to bearing type, size and technical requirement for the bearing of host computer, can confirm that let to use the backlash increase of the radial, the number is the abrasion life-span of the bearing the work hour before the bearing reaches and lets to use the backlash increase of the radial.

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