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Teach you how to prevent INA bearing corrosion

14th November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

INA the intersection of bearing and corrosion divide metal corrosion and the intersection of hand and sweat of people into mainly, metal corrode account for the majority, it is unable to avoid under a lot of situations. And hand sweat too can cause the intersection of INA and the intersection of bearing and corrosion, it is sweat liquid that will produce sweat liquid film on his surface while contacting mainly, the electric chemical reaction will take place and result in corroding in interaction, but can avoid, for example take tool of glove,etc. that the speciality took the part.

Metal corrosion is mainly as follows,

Smooth finish of surface; Chemical constitution and composition of the metal material; Solution composition and pH value in the metal surface; Environmental medium; Humidity and temperature around.

The method of preconditioning of antirusting:

Keep the surface clean, and wash and must use the appropriate method. General chemical disposal clean and machinery clean and have the intersection of solvent and method such as being clean. The surface can be dried up with the dry compressed air after washing, can dry with 120~170 ℃desiccator too, then dry with the clean gauze.

1Spray law

For example some large-scale to antirust thing can’t adopt the intersection of soaking and law with oil, suitable for thin layer antirust oil or the intersection of solvent and person who dilute antirust oil mainly, but should pay attention to working and protective measure of firing prevention.

2Brushing law

Not merely avoid not piling up at the time of brushing, should prevent too what cause leaks and scribbles. Products or outdoor building apparatus generally suitable for not sharing soaking or some special appearances of spraying.

3Law of soaking

The thickness of the oil film can reach by controlling and antirusting the temperature or viscosity of the oil. Some small-scale article adopt, soak in antirusting oil, let surface its glue, enclose, antirust oil by one.

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