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Teach you how to lock the bearing

27th October 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Teach you how to lock the bearing, it can be divided into two kinds that the bearing locking method is ordinary:

: First, for enclosing the bearing staring at the screw closely:

We only need to extend the ring inclusive somely on the tight nail screw on to lock, can fix exporting the bearing seat, staring at the screw closely can be locked with six mao spanner. Six mao spanner that please choose the size to be suitable here.

Second, for enclosing and locking the telescopic bearing fairly:

The fair collet that locks has a trough, this trough and its inner hole become justice, it is fair to be some at the inner ring of the bearing seat. Orient the fair collet at the inner ring first, then the rotatory direction towards the axle, disease rotate, from fair collet of bearing to card closely, lock and stare at the screw with 6 spanner tightly and then rapidly.


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