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100 Days of Favor: Daily Readings From Unmerited Favor

22nd December 2012 Christian Books 28 Comments
In 100 Days of Favor, Joseph Prince invites you to embark on a purposeful and powerful journey in discovering and experiencing the unmerited favor of God. You will learn how God’s favor releases good success in your life, and will develop a strong sense of favor-consciousness. Prince shows how God empowers you with every blessing to overcome every challenge in life. Immerse yourself in a journey that will impact and change your life forever. This book shows readers how to focus on God’s grace, favor, and love daily. Each daily inspirational reading includes: Today’s Scripture—a ...
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African American Heritage Hymnal: 575 Hymns Spirituals and Gospel Songs Worship & Devotion Hymns & Hymnals

29th November 2012 Christian Books 17 Comments
Eight years of inspired work by a committee of more than 30 musicians and pastors, all leaders in African American worship and gospel music, have resulted in this compendium representing the common repertoire of African American churches across the United States. For the first time in an African American hymnal, traditional hymns and songs are notated to reflect performance practices found in the oral tradition of the black church in America. At a time when such traditions are falling victim to modern technology, this book strives to preserve this rich heritage for future generations. ...
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Grace on the Go: Quick Prayers for Determined Dieters

12th November 2012 Christian Books 18 Comments
According to the Centers for Disease Control, 40 percent of Americans are trying to lose weight at any given time. Studies increasingly show what dieters have learned from difficult experience losing weight is hard work. This book will offer an easy, practical guide to prayer that addresses the real needs and concerns of dieters and helps them lead a healthy, grounded, and spiritually fulfilling life as they go through the challenges of dieting. Grace on the Go: Quick Prayers for Determined Dieters (Grace on the Go) ...
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Prayers That Avail Much for the College Years

10th October 2012 Christian Books 14 Comments
College can be a real test for young adult's walk with God. New thoughts and ideas are coming at them from every direction. But when they have God's Word as their standard, they will be able to discern right from wrong. These short prayers will help them face everyday issues with confidence and power. Prayers for: * Self-Esteem * Peaceful sleep * Boyfriend/girlfriend * Your appearance * Wisdom and God's will * Before a vacation or road trip * And many more Prayers That Avail Much for the College Years ...
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Secular Franciscan Companion

8th October 2012 Christian Books 6 Comments
Readings to aid in the prayer life of Secular Franciscans. Secular Franciscan Companion ...
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Dear Jesus: Seeking His Light in Your Life

7th October 2012 Christian Books 27 Comments
From your heart's deepest cry to life's joyful praises, nothing is off limits to Jesus.Knowing Jesus on a deeper, more personal level means sharing all aspects of your life with Himevery day. In Dear Jesus, Sarah Young exemplifies what it means to do this-to dialogue with the Savior. She begins each of the 120 devotionals by sharing intimate struggles and longings that weigh on the heart-being preoccupied with problems; being dissatisfied with oneself, and other spiritual issues. Jesus then responds in His loving way by giving guidance and encouragement, using Scripture as the foundation from ...
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Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind

6th October 2012 Christian Books 43 Comments
"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few." So begins this most beloved of all American Zen books. Seldom has such a small handful of words provided a teaching as rich as has this famous opening line of Shunryu Suzuki's classic. In a single stroke, the simple sentence cuts through the pervasive tendency students have of getting so close to Zen as to completely miss what it's all about. An instant teaching on the first page. And that's just the beginning. In the thirty years since its original publication, Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind has become ...
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Welcome Speeches for Special Days Religi & Spirituality Christianity Worship & Devotion Rites & Ceremonies

1st October 2012 Christian Books 2 Comments
This useful resource incorporates recitations, suggested scripture, prayers, poetry, speeches, and responses for celebrating a variety of special days in the African American church. Perfect as a worship planning tool for pastors and worship leaders, Welcome Speeches for Special Days is ideal for celebrating those special Sundays that congregations highlight throughout the year.Welcome Speeches for Special Days Welcome Speeches and More A great guide for persons asked to deliver welcome speeches or responses. Includes sample speeches and Scripture verses for a variety of occasions, plus ...
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Oraciones Que Producen Cambios: Poderosas oraciones que dan esperanza sanan relaciones traen libertad financiera Y mucho ma!

24th September 2012 Christian Books 1 Comment
Use the authority God has given you to move to the next level in your prayer life with this collection of proclamation prayers by best-selling author Kimberly Daniels. More than just a book on how to pray, Oraciones que producen cambios is filled with actual prayers based on biblical principles that will help you live victoriously in every situation you face. Learn to break the powers of darkness and release the blessings and favor of God in your life. Oraciones Que Producen Cambios: Poderosas oraciones que dan esperanza, sanan relaciones, traen libertad financiera Y mucho ma! (Spanish ...
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Living Liturgy Sunday Missal 2012

23rd September 2012 Christian Books 2 Comments
The simple yet engaging format of Living Liturgy TM Sunday Missal offers the quality worship experience your parish expects. By combining essential liturgical content with the finest presentation on the market today, this affordable annual missal provides a fulfilling Sunday Mass guide for the people of today s faith communities. Living Liturgy Sunday Missal 2012 ...
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